Membership Management Software for Organisations: How to Tame the Paper Jungle


How Member Organisations can Tame the Paper Jungle 

Tame the jungle. Herd cats. Drain the swamp. These sayings are what you often hear when people start talking about their admin duties for their club, association, or group.

What seems like a few hours a week soon mushrooms into a part-time job. Somehow your passion project turned into the drudgery of spreadsheet updates, membership notifications, and, that most dreaded task of them all, bookkeeping.

Membership groups are challenged by recruiting volunteers to manage their events and organise their back-end administration. Working behind-the-scenes is, well, behind-the-scenes. That means the administrative work is largely unrecognised and it competes with work, family, and all the other stuff that is your life.   

Effective Administration = Effective Organisation

Like any worthwhile endeavour, the devil is in the details. This means addressing the myriad of activities that translate into an active, enthusiastic, and dynamic club.

The details include signing up new members, renewing existing members, reminding members old and new about dues and fees as well as collecting those fees. You might even want to publish a directory of members online to facilitate communications and promote their affiliation to the community.

Your member directory would probably appear on your website that allows people to learn about your organisation, sign-up for membership or events, as well as see some of your previous activities. You might even sell merchandise emblazoned with your group’s logo.

Of course, the whole thing should look great on your mobile device.

Wouldn’t It Be Great if Someone Built a Platform for Clubs that Does all the Hard Stuff

The good news is we did!

Member Jungle is an online membership software platform that makes day-to-day tasks quick and painless. Our software helps Australian clubs become easy to manage, profitable and sustainable for years to come.

We want you to get the administrative details out of the way so you can do the thing your organisation is passionate about: sports, helping people, greening the planet, improving your businesses, gathering with like-minded people and just enjoying your time together.

Check out how the Broadmeadow Chapter of the Harley Owners Group saved 100 hours a month.

The Hard Stuff Made Easy

Member Jungle hacked through the hard stuff by breaking down what membership organisations need most to succeed:

Organisation Website & App

  • Member Jungle delivers a website that anyone can manage easily from their computer or mobile device. Every Member Jungle account allows you to add and edit unlimited pages on your website quickly and easily.
  • Your club’s website will look professional with a great theme matching your group’s branding and colours.
  • Go mobile. Member Jungle features a mobile App for members and admins that helps connect your group all the time. Registrations can be instant and there’s no need for paper tickets or cards.

Membership Management

  • We developed Australia’s finest member management system because we understand that seamless member sign-ups, renewals, and account management spell the difference between thriving and simply maintaining an organisation.
  • Member Jungle handles every aspect of a member’s user experience, so you can focus on important things — like making your club more engaging so people will enthusiastically join and participate in your events.

Event Management

  • Events are handled using the same convenient interface that drives your website. Create and manage your event calendar and publish to the web in one simple workflow.
  • You can also accept registration and ticket sales from the same platform.

Membership Communication

  • Communicating with your members is the most important function of any group administrator.
  • Member Jungle places streamlined communication tools into every aspect of its system.
  • Send SMS or email notifications to drive event attendance.
  • Remind people when it's time to renew.
  • Notify your members when the news is breaking or when meetings are scheduled.

Get Your Demo On!

A demo with Member Jungle is quick and painless and you’ll be surprised at how much we can do for your organisation to make admin a breeze. Trust us, you’ll be happy you did.

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