Membership System to help your Motorcycle or Car Club


Want to kick membership engagement into the next gear at your motorcycle or car club? We hear you. 

Member Jungle makes member management easier for Australian motorbike and car clubs with an all-in-one membership software system. It saves time and money through automating tasks like registration renewal and payments. And it makes connection and communication with members stronger through an App, website, blog, SMS and email system. 

Our software was developed for motorcycle and car clubs. When our Directors saw how much time the membership officers of their motorcycle chapter and car club were spending on managing membership renewals and rides, they figured there had to be a better way. Many of our team also saw the same for their sporting clubs and professional associations. And so Member Jungle was born...

Tesla Owners Club of Australia, Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) chapters and the Cessnock Motorcycle Club are just some of the clubs using Member Jungle. Here's why:

Your Member Jungle gear includes?

Membership System

Manage your members quickly and easily with an online membership database that almost manages itself.

Member Directory

A great way to find other members of your club and encourage engagement between them.

A Club Website

An easy to use website that allows you to add, edit and delete unlimited pages quickly and easily.

Event Management

Promote and sell tickets to your rallies and rides quickly and easily all via your admin area.

Online Store

Increase revenue and track stock for your club by adding an online store to your Member Jungle website.

Mobile App

Keep members up to date with Events, News and important updates via your mobile app.




Turn the ignition and connect your club

Check out some of our client's Member Jungle websites: The Northern NSW Chapter of H.O.G. /  The Tesla Owners Club of Australia  /  Cessnock Motorcycle Club  / The Newcastle Chapter of H.O.G.

What clubs are saying

Many of our clubs have seen an increase in sign-ups, member attrition and engagement since heading online with Member Jungle. Less time on admin means more time doing what you love - being out on the road.  

“Member Jungle has made my job as a membership officer a lot easier. It’s basically simplified the whole back office. Through automating day-to-day tasks like registration renewals, payments, and ride registrations, what was once a 25 hour a week job is now only taking a few hours a month. It’s great!”

~ Dave Watson, Membership Officer for the Broadmeadow Chapter of H.O.G. Check out more of Dave’s journey here.

“The Tesla Owners Club formed 18 months ago. I did the first six registrations manually. Let’s just say, I figured there had to be an easier way! Member Jungle is better than sliced bread. It's automated day-to-day tasks like registration, renewals, and payments. Car clubs need something like this. For our club, it’s important that members can use their log-in to access our exclusive member benefits. It’s also been helpful sending information and forms for meetings, the AGM, archived newsletters and other correspondence.”

~ Phillip Feller, Founding Secretary and member of the Tesla Owners Club of Australia.

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