Share The Administrative Load With Your Committee Using Member Jungle


Running a club or association can be a lot to handle. There are a lot of responsibilities and tasks that need to be done to keep your club running smoothly. Sharing that workload between your committee members can be the key to keeping your club running smoothly. However, dividing that workload can be a lot easier said than done when you're stuck using an outdated and complicated system that no one knows how to use. 

Luckily, Member Jungle makes it a lot easier to easily and effectively divide up your tasks amongst your committee members. This is via Member Jungle's role and permission system. Which allows you to assign various customisable roles to committee members and general club members. Each role has different privileges and levels of system access, so you can fine-tune it to fit perfectly with each committee member's tasks. This not only minimises errors but also boosts efficiency by eliminating time-consuming administrative tasks and granting access only to areas that are essential to committee members' roles. 

In this article, I will guide you through adding Site Administrators and official Support Contacts, creating custom roles, tweaking role permissions and a lot more. Member Jungle also offers free training resources for committee members to help them share the load effectively, navigate the system, and focus on their specific responsibilities. Our free training sessions can be an amazing first step to running your club smoother than ever before. 

Setting Up Your Site Administrator In The Member Jungle System 

When you first get access to your new Member Jungle system, you will have to decide on who your Site Administrator(s) will be. You can elect up to five site administrators for your club. These administrators are Authorised Contacts who have the highest level of access and privileges that it is possible to have; they have full administrator access to all users, modules and settings. 

Your Site Administrator roles should only be assigned to very trusted members of your committee. The Member Jungle system is straightforward to use, but having that extra bit of tech know-how can be a great attribute in a Site Administrator.   

Typically, the best roles to be made a Site Administrator are the club’s president and the webmaster (web manager). Whoever is made the Site Administrator will be able to assign and remove other committee members to different roles, access all member data and make any edits within the site’s security module. 

When the Member Jungle team first gives you access to your system, you will have to nominate at least one site administrator, who will then be responsible for making sure every other committee member has the correct permissions and access. 

How The Site Administrator Can Make Other Committee Members Authorised Contacts 

Along with the Site Administrator, the highest role in the Member Jungle system, two further roles fall under the Authorised Contacts category. These are: 

  • The Support Contact: Support Contacts are the only ones who can raise support tickets or request assistance from the support team on behalf of your club. 
  • Account Contact: Your Account Contact will receive all invoices and billing receipts for your club or association. This could be the perfect role to assign to your treasurer. 

You can assign both of these roles and the Site Administrator role by going to the Organisation Settings of your system. From here, you will need to select Authorised Contacts from the left-hand menu. Then, you will be met by the below page. 


Share The Administrative Load With Your Committee Using Member Jungle


From this page, you can assign any of these roles to any committee member. Please note that the Site Administrator role comes with extra access to critical club and member data. Do not add just anyone to this role, and ensure that you avoid accidentally adding a random club member to this role, too. 

Also, be aware that Support and Account Contacts are authorised to speak to the Member Jungle team on your club’s behalf, so ensure that you only assign these roles to the right people.   

For more information on Site Administrators and Authorised Contact, please read the following Help articles, Site Administrators & Authorised Contacts and Site and Organisation Settings.

Adding Committee Members To Other Roles

As you might expect, the three roles we have talked about are not the only roles available to you and the members of your committee and club. So, let’s talk about all of those roles. 

To see all the other roles available, you first have to go to the Security Module of the system. From here, you select Roles on the left-hand menu; a drop-down menu will appear. All you need to do is select the Roles option from the drop-down menu. The following page will then meet you. 


Share The Administrative Load With Your Committee Using Member Jungle


This page will list all of the active and inactive roles that you have in your Member Jungle system. On the right-hand side of each of these roles, there are five icons. These are how you edit everything to do with these roles. 

Share The Administrative Load With Your Committee Using Member Jungle


So, let’s quickly go over what all of these functions are. 


What this does is unlikely to shock you. If the box is green and has a tick in it, the role is active. If the box is red with no tick, the role is inactive. 


This allows you to change the name and description of the role in question. 


This will allow you to see which individuals are already assigned to this role and assign new accounts to the role. You will also be able to set expiry dates for anyone assigned to roles.


Again, there are no great shocks here. The bin icon labelled delete will delete the role in question. 

Security Of Adding Members To Roles 

Please note that when adding new members to these roles, depending on the role, you may be giving them access to sensitive member data and/or the security module. The system will warn you about this, but it is essential to double-check that you are adding the right person to the proper role and that they aren’t getting too much access to your system. 

On the role list, between the name and description of the role, up to two icons may be displayed. 

The shield icon indicates that this role will give access to the Security Module. Giving someone access to the Security Module means that they will have access to all accounts and all member information, as well as the ability to assign roles and privileges to anyone else. Please be careful when assigning any roles with Security Module access. 

The people icon indicates that the role will provide access to private member data. These icons may appear separately, together or not at all, depending on what levels of access the role in question has. 


Share The Administrative Load With Your Committee Using Member Jungle

When adding a member to a role that gives access to the Security Module or member data, warnings will also appear at the top of the page. 

Share The Administrative Load With Your Committee Using Member Jungle


Please be careful when adding anyone to roles to ensure you don’t give the wrong person access to the Security Module or Member Data.  

How To Add New Roles To Your Club

Again, you need to go to the Security Module and click on Roles from the left-hand menu; this time, however, you need to click on Add Role. Once you click on Add Role, you will be brought to the below page. 


Share The Administrative Load With Your Committee Using Member Jungle


Here, you can create a new role for your club by giving it a name and adding a description if you want to. Then click Save & Close, and you will be brought to the Role page, seen below. It is on this page where you can set up what privileges and access your new role has.  


Share The Administrative Load With Your Committee Using Member Jungle


On this page, you can assign privileges and access to your newly created role. Simply scroll down the page until you find your new role and click on the little padlock icon. Doing so will bring you to the following page. 


Share The Administrative Load With Your Committee Using Member Jungle


From here, you can select as many Page Privileges and Module Privileges as you want to assign to your new role. You can select a module or page and then you can customise what level of access and authority this role will have over the pages and modules you assigned. 

For this example, I assigned my new role both Blog and Chat module and page privileges. From there, I could customise exactly what power this new role had over those two modules. 

Share The Administrative Load With Your Committee Using Member Jungle 


This role will have the privilege of moderating, editing and approving posts for group chats. This role will also be able to edit and contribute pages to the blog. It will still need approval from someone with the proper access before those edits and new pages can be made live. 

This level of customisation over which roles have which levels of access allows you to get as granular as you want with precisely who controls which parts of your system. You could subdivide everything as much as you’d like or simply give a few people control over everything; it’s entirely up to you. 

How To Check Which Members Of Your Committee Have Which Roles

Now that you’ve set up all your authorised contacts and created and assigned any other important roles to your club, you can start using the system properly. However, there is one more role-related tip we still need to talk about. 

It is good practice to double-check which committee members are assigned to which roles semi-regularly. By semi-regular, I mean about once a year and probably after the majority of your renewals are done. This way, you can ensure that all the right people have the right access and that no past members still have higher access. 

There are two ways to do this, and both are quick and easy. The first way is when you are in the security module, looking at all the roles you have, click on the Accounts button next to the role in question as if you were going to add a new member to this role. This will bring up a complete list of everyone currently assigned to this role. As seen below. 


Share The Administrative Load With Your Committee Using Member Jungle


From here, you can set expiry dates for members with this role or simply delete members from the role altogether. 

The second way to check which members have access to which role is by checking on a member-by-member basis. To do this, simply go to the membership module of your system and select members from the left-hand menu to open up a complete list of your members. Select any member you want and view their information in the pop-up window. All you need to do then is select the tab labelled Permissions, and any and all roles assigned to this member will be displayed. As seen below.  


Share The Administrative Load With Your Committee Using Member Jungle


From this page, you can also check their expiry date and edit their particular role permissions. 

What Else You Need To Know About How Your Committee Members Can Get The Most From The Member Jungle System 

That is everything you need to know about assigning your committee members roles in the Member Jungle system. If you still have any questions about how any of this works, please reach out to a member of our team, or if you are Member Jungle customer, please open a Support Ticket

For more information on Site Administrators, please read 3 Easy Steps To Take When Your Club Has A Site Administrator Change

If you want more general tips about using the Member Jungle system to its fullest extent, check out How To Get The Most Out Of Your Member Jungle Subscription


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