Should I keep my existing website or use the Member Jungle one?


The Member Jungle system is an all-in-one membership application where all of the functionality and modules we offer are built into a single platform, which is driven by a website and accompanied by an integrated mobile app.

This often means that when customers are looking to just change to a membership management system, they then have to consider if they switch their whole website over as well. We understand this can be a big decision so have mapped out a few things you can look at before deciding if you wish to keep your existing website or switch entirely.

Can Member Jungle Integrate with your current website?

The Member Jungle system is an all in one platform which means it cannot be integrated with your existing site as a plug-in, unlike some other products in the market-place. Over the years we have found that often there are two many issues involved with lots of different plug-ins being updated at different times and things all failing to work together and talk properly. We have therefore decided to keep it as a stand-alone system so we can be assured that everything is working as expected all of the time and all related modules are always tested and updated together.

What are my options if I want to keep my current website?

If you still wish to keep using your current website, you can use the Member Jungle site as a members’ only portal. We can implement a design that is similar to your current website, make your Member Jungle homepage a login screen and lock all of the content down to be seen only after a member logs in.

A Member Portal can be used to promote the benefits of joining and would include the signup form for new members to join. You can point all membership enquiries directly to your members portal and all member logins from your existing website. 

What factors should I take into consideration?

A few things you need to consider when deciding if you transfer your whole website or go with a Members Portal include;

Are you planning on using other functionality in Member Jungle?

Something else to consider about your website is what other functionality and modules you are wanting to use and where they will live (i.e. membership portal or your existing website). Member Jungle also offers event management, news, blogs plus an online store and resource library. This functionality will all need to live on your Member Jungle website so if you are planning on using these modules for members only, a portal may still be the best option.

If, however, you are wanting all of this functionality for both members and non members then you may find that your website users are having to switch constantly between two websites and it may not be the best option.

How are you planning on using the mobile app?

Another factor to consider is whether you are looking to use and promote the mobile app to your members. The Member Jungle mobile app instantly updates when you update the website for all of these modules:

  • news.
  • blogs.
  • events.
  • photos.
  • documents.
  • business directory listings.
  • and individual membership details.

If these things are currently on your existing website but you want members to be able to access them from their phones (on the app) then it may mean that you are duplicating your content and keeping it in two places.

Is having two sites going to increase your workload?

If you have answered yes to the two questions above and are going to have the same content needed on both sites, this can often increase your workload and mean you are duplicating content. 

What are the advantages of keeping your existing website?

Sometimes the thought of having to change your whole website can be a daunting task and delays the process of implementing a new membership system. Keeping your existing website means that you can look to implement the membership management system system with little disruption to your existing website and other processes. 

The Member Portal option works well when your membership site has lots of members’ only resources and content that is typically separated from your general website usage. Sometimes a public facing website is targeting and providing information that is very different to what members are looking for when they visit the website. Having a locked down Members Portal can do one of two things:

  1. It can allow you to have two different brandings and personas for both your members and your public website.
  2. It can create the feeling of real exclusivity for members to have their own members' website that is full of gated content and cannot be accessed by the public.

What are the disadvantages of keeping my existing site?

One of the main reasons that people move to a system like Member Jungle is they are having trouble maintaining data and have information in lots of different places. Often a membership organisation can find themselves using lots of platforms like an external email system, excel file for members, separate online store, and having to invoice via an accounting program. 

An all-in-one membership system means that everything can all be found in one place,  for both a member and an administrator. Members can login and access their own account details, all past event purchases, course information, CPD points, and all invoices from their members’ login area. Plus administrators can access live member information and reporting details from anywhere with internet access.

Do I have to move everything at once?

No! With the Member Jungle platform you can simply implement different functionality and modules as you need them.  This allows a staged approach to transfer your website across. For many membership organisations there is only a limited amount of time that can be dedicated to projects and taking on a complete change is often too much at once. 

Some of the ways our customers choose to stagger their implementation include;

  • Implement Membership Management
  • Launch the App to Members
  • Transfer Events and News
  • Transfer Member Resources
  • Transfer website content
  • Change Domain Names and Launch as one website.
  • Start utilising other functionality like the store, polls and gallery one by one over time.


We understand it can all feel like a daunting task to implement any change, so whether you decide to do it in stages or switch your entire system over at once, we will try and make it as easy as possible. We provide setup guides, checklists and free training to help you set up the site yourself. Alternatively we can just do it for you with our full accelerator packages where we transfer your content over and get you ready to launch for you, often in as little time as a week. To chat more about what suits you please book a demo with our Sales team.


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