Stack Team App vs Member Jungle: Which Is Better For My Sports Club?


When I was 15, my team went on tour in New Zealand, where we lost every game and had amazing fun. Looking back, though, I have zero clue how the team’s coaches and managers were able to organise and manage that trip without losing all of their hair through stress. To be honest, I’m amazed more of them didn’t lose their minds with stress trying to manage us on a weekly basis, let alone on tour. 

Today, however, some fantastic products and software are available to make running sports clubs easier than ever before. I’m talking about Membership management software, which can make running your sporting club much quicker, easier and less stressful. There are many great options out there, all of which would make my old coaches and club managers tear their few remaining hairs out with regret. Today we will break down and compare Stack Team App and Member Jungle. 

Stack Team App vs Member Jungle: Which Is Better For My Sports Club?

A Promise To Be Unbiased and Honest

Before we get any further, we must address the elephant in the room. We are Member Jungle, so we have an obvious bias here. With that in mind, I promise to be as open and honest as possible and to include only the facts. Ultimately, there is no point in trying to convince someone who isn’t a good fit for us to sign up. It will only result in wasting both your and our time and money.   

The good news is while researching this article, I set up trial sports clubs with both Stack Team App and Member Jungle, and I can tell you that both options are good ones. So without further ado, let’s compare Stack Team App and Member Jungle.

Stack Team App and Member Jungle Overview

Stack Team App Overview

Stack Team App is a free app that offers basic membership management features explicitly designed for sports clubs and teams. Stack Team App can work for entire sports leagues, clubs and your social touch football team. It has been designed specifically for sports clubs, and its tools to allow clubs to communicate with players and organise teams are unmatched. 

Stack Team App Reviews

Apple App Store: 3.9/5 

Google Play Store: 3.3/5

Software Advice: 4.58/5 

Member Jungle Overview 

Member Jungle is an all-in-one membership management system designed to be used by everyone from large professional associations to small 50-people social clubs. Member Jungle has an app that works alongside its membership management software. As it is an all-in-one software Member Jungle is designed so you don’t need to pay for any other subscription services to help run your club. Member Jungle is great for individual sports teams who are looking for a better way to manage their members with a more professional website and better security. 

Member Jungle Reviews

Apple App Store: 4.6/5 

Google Play Store: 4.5/5 

Software Advice: 4.69/5 

Stack Team App vs Member Jungle With Governing Bodies 

Many sports teams will need to register with a governing body like Play Football or Play Rugby League. These groups will usually take care of membership management (or Player Registrations) and member renewals for you, so something like Member Jungle may be excessive. Stack Team App is really great for communication and running teams and sporting clubs in general, so it works particularly well for sports that have player registrations elsewhere.  Stack Team does also take payments but is more focused on the general day-to-day running of the club than membership management as such.

Some of Member Jungle’s features will go to waste if you are required to be a part of a governing body for your membership signups and renewals, although a number of sporting clubs also have social members, sponsor members and still want to automate this side of things.  

Stack Team App vs Member Jungle: Which Is Better For My Sports Club?

Stack Team App and Member Jungle Comparison 

As you may have already worked out, Stack Team App is designed with sports teams and clubs in mind, and Member Jungle is designed with clubs and associations in mind. So let’s break down the pros and cons for both systems compared to the other.

Stack Team App Pros Compared to Member Jungle 

  • Better team and player communication
  • Team chats
  • Player Availability 
  • Team Standings
  • Training attendance 
  • Live Scores
  • Team Lineups 
  • Player Profiles
  • Team Schedules 
  • Free 
  • Admin can do everything from the app
  • Easy for parents, the public and stakeholders to join app and conversations

Stack Team App Cons Compared To Member Jungle

  • Not a membership management system 
  • No automatic member renewals
  • Can’t lock content to be seen by members only
  • Anyone can join your team/club’s community, and must be manually removed 
  • Not as stand-alone

Member Jungle Pros Compared To Stack Team App

  • Automated membership renewals
  • Highly customisable and professional website
  • A membership management system 
  • More management features  
  • The app is locked to be for paid members only
    • It can be used to promote member benefits
  • Scanning digital cards at POS
  • Comprehensive membership profiles
  • Engagement tracking
  • More advanced event management 
  • No ads

Member Jungle Cons Compared To Stack Team App

  • Paid service
  • Lack of sports club-based features, like live scores, player availability etc. 
  • Less advanced team and player communication 
  • More overlap with governing body’s functions
  • Need to use the website for some functions


You can find more information about the features of Stack Team App and Member Jungle at Stack Team App Features Page and Member Jungle Features Page

Stack Team App and Member Jungle Price Comparison 

Well, the price comparison between a free app and a paid service is probably going to be short, so let’s get to it. 

Stack Team App Price

Stack Team App is a completely free app for both you and your members to use. However, there are still some costs to consider. 

The app is able to stay free by displaying ads. Personally, in my limited time on the app, I didn’t find the ads to be a problem at all. However, according to some of their user reviews, users of the app have found the ads to be intrusive and frustrating. That being said, individual users are able to remove the ads altogether for $4.49 per year. 

There are, of course, the standard transaction fees for any purchases made through the app. There is the standard Stripe transaction fee plus a Stack Team App transaction fee of 1.09%

Member Jungle Price

Member Jungle offers three packages: Essential, Standard, and Premium, each with varying features and tools. Essential is the cheapest of the three, available for $89 AUD per month. Premium is the most expensive package with the greatest range of features; it is available for $319 AUD per month. 

Just like Stack Team App, Member Jungle also has transaction fees for any online payments made through the system. There is the Stripe transaction fee plus a Member Jungle platform fee. The platform fee varies based on your package, but they range from 0.7% + 69c to 1.2% + 69c per transaction. 

Member Jungle also offers a free trial of the system and a 90-day money-back guarantee after purchase. 

If you want to know more about Member Jungle’s pricing, have a look at the Member Jungle Pricing Page or How To Work Out How Much Member Jungle Will Cost Your Club. 

Stack Team App and Member Jungle Who Should You Choose?

The choice here massively depends on the type of club you run. So, let’s break down the best choice based on the type of sports club you run. It’s worth noting that these are just our recommendations; your personal preference is also massively important in this decision. Both Stack Team App and us will have customers who don’t fit into the below recommendations, and they are making it work. 

Who Should Choose Stack Team App?

If you run a sports team, club or league that is part of a governing body that manages your membership for you and you won’t benefit from advanced features or a custom website. Then choose Stack Team App. There is too much overlap between Member Jungle and governing bodies to justify the price tag. 

If you run a whole club or league and are going to rely heavily on features like live scores and player profiles, choose Stack Team App. 

If you run a small social team of 30 people, the Member Jungle price will likely take up too much of your membership dues, and Stack Team App is a better option. 

Who Should Choose Member Jungle?

If your sports team or club doesn’t have a governing body and you are looking for a better way to manage your members and do your renewals, then choose Member Jungle.

If you don’t want to communicate and have everyone downloading and using the app, then Member Jungle which automatically removes expired members' access, may be a better option. 

If your club focuses on activities such as biking, kayaking, hiking, or motorsports rather than traditional field sports, then features like live scores and player availability may not be as helpful. Instead, membership-based features would be more useful. In this case, Member Jungle would be the better option for your club.

Stack Team App and Member Jungle Key Takeaways

At the end of the day, both choices here are good ones; it’s just about working out what your club’s needs are and which of the two will best suit you. 

If you want to see a list of just some of the sports clubs that use Member Jungle, you can find that list here, Some of our Clients Using Member Jungle.

If you want to know more about how Member Jungle can help your sports club, watch Video: All of your Member Jungle Questions Answered.

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