The 3 Best Membership Management Software Systems In Australia


For years now, Member Jungle has been providing excellent membership management software to clubs and associations all across Australia. Many of our customers have said the fact that we are an Australian-based and owned company is one of the reasons they chose us. This isn’t about patriotism either; it’s about the convenience of not having to deal with fluctuating exchange rates and having access to tech support in the same time zone as them. 

However, we aren’t the only game in town, and choosing the right company to help manage your club or association is a significant decision that you shouldn’t rush into. You should be doing lots of research into all of your options to make sure that your final decision is the best one for you.  

Therefore, in this article, I am going to cover all the best Australian membership management software that are available to you, not including Member Jungle.   

Bond Software Review 

Bond Software is a Melbourne-based membership management company. Specifically, they are a member and customer relations management service (MCRM). They combine a membership management system with a CRM. 

Bond software describes itself as “catering specifically to Australia’s top member-centric organisations, businesses, and unions.” 

They are a great company that provides excellent software for large enterprise-size organisations and associations. If you run a professional association with 50,000-plus members, Bond Software is likely an excellent bet for you. 

Bond Software’s prices are available via contacting them for a quote. You can do so at Bond Software Contact.

Membes Review

Membes is another Melbourne-based association membership management company. Like Bond Software, they are an all-in-one solution for all your association membership management needs. 

Membes describes itself as “a ready-made Association Management System, designed for Trade & Professional Associations.” 

Membes is an excellent option for medium to large professional associations that are looking to streamline their day-to-day operations. 

Membes’ prices are available via contacting them for a quote. You can do so via the Membes Pricing Page

Hello Club Review

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, both the options so far have been companies set up for associations rather than clubs. It turns out that Australian, club-focused membership management systems are extremely thin on the ground. 

So now we are hopping across to a New Zealand-based company. After all, New Zealand is basically Australia, but actually good at Rugby Union. Seriously though, the exchange rate between the two is stable and relatively equal, and the time zone difference between Australia and New Zealand is actually less than the difference between Perth and Sydney. 

Hello Club is a New Zealand-based membership management company that, as I’m sure you can tell from the name, is focused on membership management for clubs. Hello Club is an all-in-one membership management system designed specifically to cater to clubs’ needs. Hello Club caters to all clubs, from small clubs with little over 100 members to larger clubs with thousands of members. 

Hello Club describes itself as “a modern, all-in-one club and membership management solution that is guaranteed to save you time and make your tasks more enjoyable.”

Hello Club is an excellent option for club admins who are looking for a local solution to make running their club easier and more efficient. 

Hello Club’s pricing is available freely on their website at Hello Club Pricing. Their pricing ranges from $40 per month to $240 per month, depending on the size and needs of your club. 

Keep Researching Which Membership Management Software Is Best For You

So those are three excellent membership management systems that you should absolutely consider if you decide that Member Jungle isn’t the right choice for you. 

If you want to know a little more about Member Jungle and how we stack up, then check out What is Member Jungle?

If you want to know more about what we offer, check out our features page and our pricing page


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