The Best Ways To Use The Business Directory Module


The business directory is one of your club's most adaptable and underutilised tools. It has a wide range of uses and is definitely something you should consider using if you aren’t already. Today, we will talk about the best uses for your business directory and some of the ways you can customise it. 

Using Your Business Directory As a Directory Of Businesses

The Best Ways To Use The Business Directory Module


Okay, okay, I know this one is super obvious, but I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I didn’t mention it. Business directories are usually comprehensive listings or databases that contain the contact details and information of all the businesses associated with a club. These businesses are usually sponsors of the club, local establishments that the club aims to support, or other clubs and associations that the club collaborates with.

The idea is that club members or club sponsors can add their own listings to the directory, which will bring them more customers and offer your other members more value for their membership as they gain access to this information.

It’s important to note that the vast majority of clubs charge members extra for being able to make their own business directory listings, often making this access part of a more expensive membership level. Also, having a business directory will be something potential sponsors will be thrilled to see and will make them more likely to start sponsoring your club. 

Using your business directory like this can help bring in more sponsors and more money and add value to your membership. 

Using A Business Directory To List Club Sponsors 

As we have already touched on, the business directory is a great place to list the sponsors of your club and give them a little extra value for their money. You will be able to list all of your club sponsors and give your members the ability to search through them if they are after a specific sponsor’s listing. 

Here is an example of this in action from the website of Merewether Bowling Club


The Best Ways To Use The Business Directory Module


You can choose what information is shown, including name, location, phone number, website, etc. You can choose whether your sponsors will have the ability to directly create their own listings or if you will do this for them. You can also choose whether your sponsor directory will be publicly available or restricted to members only. 

Organising Member Discounts At Sponsors’ Stores

It's common for club sponsors to offer small discounts to club members. You can use your business directory as a sponsor directory to make this easier to organise. There are two main ways to do this. 

The first way is to have sponsors advertise on their directory listing that they offer a discount to members. Members must show their membership cards (digital or plastic) in-store to redeem the discount. 

The second way is to set your sponsor directory to private, so only members can access it. Whenever your sponsors post a special offer or discount codes on their directory listings, members can view these codes and offers and use them on the sponsors' online stores. It is important to note that these discount codes can only be redeemed through the sponsors' websites and not through the Member Jungle site.  This approach is convenient because it's redeemable online, which many people prefer these days. It also benefits sponsors who are not physically close to you because they can still benefit from increased sales that sponsoring your club generates for them.

Using Your Business Directory To List Important Things To Your Club

The business directory is extremely adaptable and can be reconfigured to do almost anything for your club. Here are just some examples of how it can be used for things other than listing businesses and sponsors. 

Use The Business Directory To List Qualified Practitioners 

If you run an association or peak body, a great use of the business directory is to use it to list your members who are qualified practitioners. This can not only help the public, but it can be a great way to add value to your membership. You could potentially decide to make these listings only available for members who opt for a more expensive membership level. Making it a great way to upsell your membership products. 

Below is an example of the Australian Hand Therapists Association using their directory in exactly this way. 


The Best Ways To Use The Business Directory Module

Use The Business Directory To List Important Locations

Because the business directory has the ability to show location information, it can be used very effectively to list locations that are relevant to your club. This is how the Cave Divers Association of Australia uses the business directory. They have renamed it “Dive Sites” and use it to list official cave diving sites around Australia. They have listed their dive sites, with location and difficulty information, allowing their members to easily search for caves near them and in their skill level. 


The Best Ways To Use The Business Directory Module

Other Ways To Customise Your Business Directory

As you've probably gathered, the business directory is a super customisable part of the Member Jungle system. So here are a few more things you can do to really make the business directory work for your club. 

Rename Your Club’s Business Directory

All the examples I’ve shown you today have renamed their business directories to better suit their needs. You could rename your business directory literally anything you want. You could call it “The World’s Best Sponsors” or “Best Pictures Ruined By Dogs Being Goofs”. As long as it makes sense for your club and adds value to your members and/or sponsors, you’re golden. 

Don’t worry. I'm not going to bring up the prospect of dogs ruining photos by being goofs without showing you an example or two. I’m not a monster. 


The Best Ways To Use The Business Directory Module

Restrict Your Club’s Business Directory To Be Member Only

Again, as we’ve already discussed, you can make your business directory, whatever it’s called and whatever it contains, publicly available or restricted so only members can see it. All the examples I’ve shown you today have been publicly available ones. There are benefits to both options. It’s just about what works best for your club and how you’re using it. 

Display Your Club’s Business Directory On Your Website And App 

You can decide whether you want your business directory to be displayed only on your website or on your website and your Member Jungle app. This offers an excellent opportunity to upsell potential sponsors, as having their directory listing on the phones of every club member is a perfect way to market their business.

What Else Can You Use Your Club’s Business Directory For?

The uses of your business directory are only limited by your imagination. So, have a think and explore your options, and I'm sure you can find an awesome way to make it work for your club. 

We’ve talked a lot about club sponsors today, so if you want to learn more about how to gain sponsors and how they can help your club, read either of the following articles.

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