The Best Ways To Use Your Blog Module For Things That Aren’t Blogs


Now, some people simply don’t want to write a blog or don’t see it adding value to their club. However, just because you don’t want or need a blog doesn’t mean the blog module is useless to your club. Therefore, today, we will discuss some awesome ways to use your blog module if you don’t want to write blogs. 

Use Your Blog As A Classifieds Section For Your Club

If you don’t want to write blogs for your club, there are plenty of other great ways to use the blog module. One such way is to rename your blog “Classifieds” and use it to allow your members to sell and buy things from one another. This can be an awesome and super easy way to add value for your members. 

Here is a great example of this in practice from Queensland Corvette Club, who use their blog module as a classified section and for posting blog posts. 


Blog As A Classifieds Section


Not only can this be a great way to add value for your members, but it can also be a fantastic way to raise extra funds for your club. A lot of clubs who use their blog module as classifieds make the ability to sell things through them a perk of a slightly more expensive membership level. Giving your members that extra little incentive to upgrade to the more expensive membership. 

Use Your Blog Module As An Event Wrap Up Page

Another way to use your blog module is to use it as an event wrap-up page. This is where, after your events, you can post some photos of the event and a little recap of how the event went and who attended. What specific details you include in this wrap-up is entirely up to you, but make sure you highlight how much fun the event was and show those members who didn't attend what they were missing out on. 

Doing this can be a great way to highlight the benefits of your club and all of the awesome events you host. This can increase event attendance from current members and also encourage prospective members to join. 

Sell Your Club’s Sponsors The Ability To Post On Your Blog

As mentioned, the blog module can make an excellent “Classifieds” section for your club. Allowing your members to buy, sell, and trade items relating to your club adds value to your membership. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to just members listing items for sale on their Classifieds page. You can also sell your sponsors the ability to make sales posts on this page. Giving More value to your members and your sponsors alike. 

Australian Miniature Horse Society does precisely this. They sell their members and sponsors the ability to post a yearly subscription to access and create sales listings on their website for a small fee. 


Sell Your Club’s Sponsors The Ability To Post On Your Blog


This not only adds value to your membership but also your sponsorship. Businesses are more likely to sponsor your club if they are aware of the direct marketing they can do to your members. Doing this will also help your club raise a little more money to help with ongoing costs. 

Create Blog Posts On The Go

Whatever you end up using the blog module for, one great way to get the most out of it is to start posting from your Member Jungle app. The blog module is always available to be viewed on the Member Jungle app, but if you would like, we can also enable it so that you can post to the blog module from the app. If you are using the blog module for your club sponsors to post their own listings, then this will allow them to update and create new listings from their phones while they are out and about. 

This is a pretty simple tip, but it can make your blog module much more useful, and increase the activity no matter how you might choose to use it.

Other Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Blog Module

Those are just some of the things you can use your Member Jungle Blog Module for other than blogging. These are far from the only ways you can adapt the blog module to better suit your needs, and I’m sure if you take some time and experiment with it, you’ll find other ways to make it work for your club. 

However, we are not quite done here; we still need to talk about some other things you can do to make your blog module better, no matter what you use it for. 

Rename Your Blog Module

This one is pretty simple, your blog module doesn’t need to be called "Blog". You could rename your blog module Classifieds, Event Wrap Up or pretty much anything else that makes sense for how you’re using it. This will change what name the “Blog” page is shown on both the mobile app and your website. This is a really simple and easy way to customise the blog module to suit your club. 

Enable Comments On Your Blog Posts

Depending on what you are using your blog module for, enabling your members to make comments on blog posts can be a great way to encourage participation. This is especially great for clubs who are using their blog module for event recaps. Allowing attending members to comment and talk about the event will help encourage more members to attend the next one. The power of FOMO is real, so make sure you are teasing your members with what they could miss out on if they don’t attend events.  

Use Blog Posts From The App During Events

Finally, if you have enabled blog posts from the mobile app, you should try posting updates during events. You could do this to keep members across what is happening, remind them of important happenings during the event or even incorporate blog posts into the event. Hold on, I'll explain that last one, as by itself, it makes about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine. 

The Manning Point Fishing Classic uses the blog module as a key part of their annual fishing competition. When their members catch a fish, they have to upload a photo and measurements to the blog for the fish to be officially entered into the competition. 

No matter what your club does, using the blog from your mobile during events can be a really great way to add value to your events. 

How Else Can You Get More Out Of The Member Jungle System? 

As you can see, the blog module is a super customisable and useful tool that you can use to help make running your club easier. There are countless different uses for the blog module, and if you have found an exciting and unique way to use it, let us know. We love seeing how the system can help people. 

If you are looking for more ways to improve how you use the Member Jungle system, look at The Best Ways To Use The Business Directory Module.

If you want a more detailed step-by-step breakdown of turning your blog module into a classifieds section, check out How To Turn Your Blog Module Into A Classifieds Section For Your Club.


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