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You can now download our new Member Jungle mobile app and stay up to date with what's going on in your club. Plus receive notifications about important event reminders and when your club adds something new to the website!

Here is a list of information contained in this article;

Download the Member Jungle App

The first thing you need to do is download the mobile app onto your device. Select which device you have and click on the icon below and download the "Member Jungle" app. 

Member Jungle Mobile App  Member Jungle Mobile App 


Click on your new Member Jungle App icon and open the new app. 

We recommend you allow notifications so you can receive important updates from the club.


If you do not have any clubs already set up in your app, then you will be taken to the search screen to find your club. Start typing your club name in the search bar, as pictured below.  Once you can see your club, hit Sign In.


Logging In To the App

Use your login details from the website to login.


If you don't know your details click on the "Forgot my Password" link and it will take you to Your Club's website where you will be asked to reset your password. 


Your Club Home Screen

You will then be taken to the home screen of your club where you can access all of the latest news, events, blogs, documents, photos and your membership card and account details. 


View Your Membership Card

To access your Member card, simply click on the "My Cards" icon on the Overview screen. A membership card will appear with a scannable barcode underneath. If you click on your card or swipe to right you will also be able to see a QR code.



Editing Your Account

You can access your Membership profile easily from the app by clicking on the "My Account" icon on the overview page.
Test app screenshots (1)

Updating your email address and mobile number will update it not only in the app but also on your club website and membership profile.

Updating your 'Nickname' will then have it displayed (instead of your name) when other members view who has registered for an event.

You can update your email address and other details from this screen.



Adding Your Profile Picture To The App

You can add a profile picture to your app profile, by going into the "My account" tab, and selecting the icon in the top right of the header Add profil pic. This will take you to the image uploader to select your profile picture (It is recommended to use a square image)


On saving, you will see your profile image display at the top of the app screen. This can be edited by following the same steps and selecting a new image, or by clicking the edit icon next to your profile picture in your account details. 



Contact Your Clubs Membership Coordinators and Site Administrators

The "Contact" icon will allow you to open a window and email your clubs Membership Coordinator directly from the app.

You can type messages and upload files to include in your email prior to sending.



Using Events on the App

You can view your groups events by clicking the Events icon on the App home screen. This will take you to a list of the events on your club's calendar.

In the top selection bar, you can select if you want to view all events, the upcoming events, or the completed events that you have attended.

If event registration or tickets are available you will see a "Register" or "Purchase Tickets" button on each event. 


For more information on an event, hit the event name or image.  Otherwise, you can register directly from this screen (if event registration or ticketing is enabled). If registrations are shared (or you have Event Coordinator Permissions) you will also be able to see a Registrations icon and see how many people are attending the event.


To add this event to your calendar, or to share the event, click the calendar icon in the top right of the event info page.

To add to calendar, be sure to click OK when asked to allow the Member Jungle App to access your calendar.

To share the event, click Share event, and then select the method you would like to use. This will share the event URL with the platform you use.  For apps like Facebook it will also pull in the main image.  You can then add any additional details before posting

View Documents via the App

Documents from the website are available on your app, so you have them on hand at all times!
To view these, click on the Library. Here you will find a list of documents available for download onto your mobile device.
Scroll to the right at the top of the page to see a list of all resources and documents in each category.



View Your Club's Information

You can view your group info by clicking on the group logo on the App Overview page. This will take you to a summary of your group's information.



View Latest News

To view the latest news from your group, select the News icon on the App home screen. You will see a list of News articles with a summary of each. 


Hit the article to view the full details.


To share the article, click the share icon in the top right of the full article screen (shown above) and choose your preferred mode of sharing.  This will share the event URL with the platform you use.  For apps like Facebook it will also pull in the main image.  You can then add any additional details before posting.

View the Latest Blog Articles

To read your groups most recent blog articles, click on the blog icon on the Blog icon, on the App home screen. 


To view the full article, just hit the article.



Directory Listings

To view your group's directory listings click on the directory icon.  It will give you a full list of all businesses or members in the directory.


To view all of the listings on a map click on the map icon on the top right of the screen. You will then be able to move around the screen to see all of the business located nearby.


To view an individual listing, click on the listing name in list view or on the map view. 



View Your Club's Website

To view your club website, click on the Website icon, in the App home screen. This will redirect you straight to your club's homepage and log you in using the credentials stored on the app.26


App Notifications

Once you have downloaded the app and logged in to your club, you will receive a notification to your device when there are updates or new events, blog articles, resources and news items. 27

You can view these updates by clicking on the notification or by entering the app and viewing the notifications area as outlined below.

To view your notifications area, open the side navigation by clicking the Nav icon in the top left of the app screen. 


When you click a new notification, you will be taken directly to that message.

You can view all notifications, and clear or mark them as read, by clicking on the notifications option from the side navigation, and then selecting the Notification Marking ... icon in the top right of the screen. Here you can select if you would like to remove, or mark as read.




To view and edit your App Notification settings, click the Nav icon to open the side navigation. Scroll down to see the Notification settings shown in the list.

Click the toggle on each item to select if you would like to receive relevant push notifications. When the toggle is white, the notifications are turned off. When the toggle is green, the notifications are turned on, and you will receive push notifications for that topic. 


Apple iPhone Push Notification Settings


Notification settings on your mobile device (Apple only)

In order to see a display of mobile app notifications, you will need to;

  • enter the settings on your device
  • select Notifications


  • from the list of apps, find Member Jungle, and select


  • in Banner Style, select Persistent.
  • turn Notification Grouping off.



Switching Clubs on the App

If you're a member of multiple clubs, you have the option to switch between them.  On the home screen, tap the top left menu to reveal the navigation.

From there tap the arrows to bring up the club switcher screen.


From here you can select from your list of clubs previously added or tap the add button to search and add a new club.

Login to multiple clubs

Member Jungle mobile App Photo GalleryPhoto Gallery On Your App!

As part of a popular request, the photo albums from your clubs website are now available on the mobile app.

They are  filtered by categories so that you can scroll through, with a click to open the images in full screen.






Using Chat Room in Member Jungle App

Once logged in to your club on the Member Jungle app you will now see an icon for chat room, or from the side navigation.
rtaImage (32)-1
Inside the chat room you will see a list of available group chats.
Chatting works like sending a normal message.  Just type the message you wish to send.  You can upload an image via the image icon rtaImage (34)-1.  To send the message tap send rtaImage (35)-1.
 To start a new chat with an available member, touch the plus button rtaImage (37)-1.

You will then be able to search available members from a list.  Start typing the member's name and select them from the list.
You can now start chatting with that user, so type away!

Managing chats you've created

You can access the chat settings for any chats you manage by tapping the menu here:


From here you can name or rename the chat group.  Add new members or leave (delete) the chat.  You can also view a list of existing members in the chat room.


Theme Options

There are two options to select from for your mobile app theme. Depending on your preference, you can display your mobile app in dark or light theme colours. 

To do this, open your side navigation by selecting the Nav in the top left of the screen. 

Scroll down the menu and select "theme". Here you can change your app on this device to be displayed in either the dark or the light theme, or select for the app to use the default setting. 


Logging out via the navigation

There is also the option to logout via the side navigation. To do this, select the Nav in the top left of the screen and scroll to the bottom of the side nav to find the Logout option. Select this and confirm your request.


Deleting A Club

To delete a club from the Member Jungle app, you will need to logout. To do this, open the side navigation and select the two arrows icon in the top of the nav. 


You can then opt to logout of the app



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