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Car meets, track days, off-roading trips, amateur rallies, there are about a thousand ridiculously fun things to do with a group of friends and some amazing cars. I grew up in a family of petrolheads, so I was basically raised on Top Gear and going to school in the back of a V8 wagon. Unfortunately, I’ve never owned a car historic or nice enough to be able to join a car club. The closest I’ve ever come was a now sadly dead 1999 Toyota Hiace which I drove around Australia in. Seen here looking gorgeous.


So until I’m able to buy a car worthy of a car club and join one myself, I am going to live vicariously through you. So I’ve spoken with the rest of the Member Jungle team (many of which are in car clubs), and I’ve put together a guide to running the best car club event… in the world. 

So let’s dive into the best ways to run the car club event of your dreams. 

Have A Clear Purpose For Your Car Club Event

To ensure that your car club event is a success, it is crucial to have a clear purpose before you begin planning. Take the time to ask yourself what type of event you want to create. Do you want a laid-back get-together, a wild adventure that may kill the cars or a structured competition? By clearly defining your purpose before you start, you will be able to confidently organise and execute your event, knowing that every detail has been carefully considered and planned in advance.

How To Pick The Perfect Location For Your Car Club Event 

Choosing the perfect venue for your event is critical to ensuring it is as good as possible. It is super important to select a location that is easily accessible, provides plenty of parking options, and has exceptional amenities. For car clubs, an ideal venue would be an outdoor space that can accommodate a large number of vehicles and offer various attractions to satisfy attendees. Consider that you may have members or members of the public bringing their children along. So consider supplying activities for the whole family to enjoy. By carefully considering these factors, You can help ensure that your event is great and all your guests have a positive and memorable experience.

Planning The Event Details

With your purpose and location locked in, it's time to tackle the nitty-gritty. You’re going to need to consider every detail from every angle. Doing this will ensure that your event is awesome and that no one is out there doubting how good your event will be.



Here's what you need to consider when planning your event. 

Timing Of Your Car Club Event

When selecting a date and time for your event, choosing a time that works for most of your club members is important. Be sure to also consider any major car events or shows that may be taking place in your area, as you want to schedule your event at a different time and avoid losing potential attendees. Also, plan ahead so your members know to keep that weekend free. If you are using Member Jungle or a similar system, consider running a poll to see what the best possible weekend is for your members. Just be careful not to get caught up trying to find the perfect weekend that suits everyone. It doesn't exist.

Budget Of Your Car Club Event

Sticking to a budget is crucial for the success of your event. Be sure to closely monitor all expenses, including venue rental, permits, insurance, and marketing costs. It's important to plan ahead and allocate your resources wisely. You want this event to be repeatable, not just a one-off budget breaker…

Activities At Your Car Club Event

When planning your event, you'll want to include various activities that cater to your members' interests. This could include car showcases, workshops, guest speakers, group drives, or other exciting events that will keep attendees engaged and entertained. As we've already mentioned, if you expect members to bring family members, ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Feed People

No one likes to go hungry or thirsty, so make sure there are plenty of food and drinks. Providing a diverse range of food and drink options is essential for keeping attendees fuelled and happy throughout the event. Consider partnering with local food trucks or caterers to offer a varied menu that will appeal to everyone. There's no better way to get a good name for your club than helping out local businesses. 

Provide Entertainment at Your Car Club Event

Adding some extra entertainment to your event can help create a fun and engaging atmosphere. This could include live music, raffles, or games to keep attendees entertained and excited.

Promote Your Event 

Promoting your event is key to successful turnout. If you're a Member Jungle customer, utilise the email marketing campaigns, push notifications to your Member Jungle app, newsletters and the new event chatroom features to get the word out to your community. 

Also, use various channels such as social media, email newsletters, and flyers to get the word out. Encourage club members to share the event with their friends and family, and consider teaming up with local businesses or media outlets to expand your reach.

Work With The Local Community 

Partnering with sponsors and other businesses can help cover costs and provide additional perks for attendees. Contact local businesses, dealerships, or parts suppliers to inquire about potential opportunities. Imagine getting a local car accessory business to run a stall at your event and offer discounts to all your members who attend. That could be amazing for the business, your members and you. 




Safety First at Car Club Events

Prioritising safety is crucial for any event. Be sure to obtain any necessary permits and arrange for on-site first aid or emergency services. Promote responsible driving behaviour among attendees, and make sure everyone is aware of any local regulations that must be followed. If you organise your event through Member Jungle, you can sell all tickets online beforehand. This will be a great way to know how many people are attending your event. Local councils love knowing numbers like this when they are granting permits. 

Learn From Experience

After the event, gather feedback and evaluate how your event went. Again, use the polls and surveys available through Member Jungle to better understand what your members did or didn't like. Make sure you use this information to improve future events and make them even more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Go Plan Events For Your Car Club

Those were the Member Jungle top tips for planning events for your car club. You know what you need to do, so get out there and go plan the best car event possible. 

If you want to know more about how to plan car club events with Member Jungle read How to Organise a Successful Event.  


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