The New Member Jungle App Is Coming To Your Device!


We are excited to announce that the Member Jungle Mobile App is now even greater! 

The app has had a complete overhaul, with the aim to make your user experience even better, and to bring in lots of great new features to assist administrators with member management.

In the coming days, you will be notified of the update being available. Be sure to update to ensure that you do not experience any interruption to app notifications.

Once you have received this notification, please click the below links on your iPhone or Android device to go directly to the app store to install the update and start enjoying the great new features!

Download member jungle app Download member jungle app


Here is what new features you can expect...

Personalise Member Jungle App To Look Like Your Club!

More Use Of Your Chosen App Colour

The app colour that you set in your Member Jungle App Module is now more widely used throughout the mobile app.

This colour will now show as highlights on different pages and on various buttons - making your clubs app, look more like your club!


Photo Gallery On Your App!

You asked for it! Well, here it is!

The photo gallery module will now display your albums on your mobile app.

They are  filtered by categories and your members can scroll through, with a click to open the images in full screen.

Member Jungle mobile App Photo Gallery



Approve members on the mobile app

Approve Pending Member Payments

Another popular request from you has now arrived!

Administrators can now view and approve a pending member payment via the mobile app.


Filter Members By Status

Administrators can now view all members by their membership status.

You will discover a new filter at the top of your members section, where you can browse through your current, expired and pending members, or search for a specific member.

View your members on the member jungle mobile app



Log in or sign up via the Member Jungle mobile app

Logging In and Signing Up

Existing members can now view their password when logging in to the app, to ensure it has been entered correctly.

Potential members can click the Register Now button to be directed to your sign up page and join your club as a new member.


Trigger a Reset Password For Your Members

Its now even easier to help your members.

If you have a member having trouble logging in, you can carry out a search for that member on the app and trigger a reset password email to go directly to their inbox!

reset your members password on the member jungle mobile app



Login to the member jungle mobile app

An Easier Way To Sign In To Multiple Clubs

Many clubs have members that own current memberships in more than one club. 

The Member Jungle App has had improvements to make switching between the different clubs much more user friendly.


Updating Account Details Made Simple

Your members will now experience a simpler way to keep their details up to date.

The new edit and save icons in the "My Account" section will ensure your members find it easy to update their information via the app.

update account details via the member jungle mobile app



QR scanning to find and login to your club on the Member Jungle mobile app

Quick and Easy QR Scan To Login

Finding your club on the app is easy with a unique QR code generated on the mobile app download page on your website!

Your members can simply scan the QR code with their mobile device to be taken straight to download and logging in to your club on the app!





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