Tools to limit & track attendees in Member Jungle

We are in odd times due to COVID-19 and as things start to open up in a controlled way, we are finding there are extra things we need to do as a club and for our members. Limiting numbers of people, extra cleaning, social distancing and tracking people are just some of the extras required. Don't forget that your Member Jungle system can help with a few of these - here are a couple of tips from us (sorry, the cleaning is up to you!). 
Firstly, you can use Event tickets to limit people attending an event. Even if members aren't paying to attend, you can create $0 tickets and put a limit on numbers. This way your 10 or 20 person limits can be controlled and members know if there are spots still available.
Secondly if you are required to track the number of people who have attended an event, you can mark attendance after or during the event in the Member Jungle Events Module (see our support article for instructions on how to mark attendance).  This way you have an accurate list of attendees.
If you have any other tips on ways that you have used Member Jungle to help ease back in to business and you would like to share with fellow clubs, please let us know.
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