Using Custom Datasets for Your Association


Member Jungle can now offer an all-in-one solution for your association that can save time and reduce the manual processes involved in managing members information. The Member Jungle Custom Datasets functionality has helped associations manage multiple databases of information and have it all stored with each member's profile.

Custom Datasets for Associations and Clubs

Administrators can create a custom set of fields (a dataset) to collect the information required from your members. An example of this may include a dataset for various licences - including the licence name, qualification level, expiry date and even a file upload field for members to upload their certification document. You can also create admin only fields like approved or date verified so you can when you have reviewed the data.

These fields and datasets can then be added to your standard membership level forms. This means different levels can have different types of datasets available for its members. Members can then add their details when they join or renew via a button in the membership form. This information is then easily accessed and managed by members via a dedicated tab in their membership area. Admins can also view the members data in a tab in each member's profile.

The latest Member Jungle App release brings this great functionality to the mobile app as well. Members will soon be able to view, add and edit their custom information and see when their licences expire from the convenience of their mobile device.

The reporting that is available with the Custom Datasets is also powerful! Administrators can run reports on the database in a dedicated reporting area and;

  • search the custom fields for specific data (eg; search for licences due to expire)

  • build a custom report containing only the information from the fields that are required 

  • or run a detailed report on the full dataset.

All reports can be viewed on screen and exported to CSV on command.

Custom datasets have many uses, depending on each association’s requirements. From keeping a collection of licences and qualifications, to keeping members car or dog data - the functionality ensures that the administrator’s job is all made easier when these are neatly tied to the memberships of the association. To find out more about custom datasets please contact us.


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