Using your Member Jungle tools to keep your members engaged


Here at Member Jungle, we know how important it is for your club to grow and thrive. We understand that keeping your members engaged with your club is vital to helping reach this goal. 

We have several modules and tools available throughout the Member Jungle system, which will assist you in keeping your members engaged with your club.

Automated Personalised Membership Emails

Members enjoy a personalised experience. Particularly when they are spending money with your club, and have the excitement of a new membership.

Your Member Jungle system will automatically send your members a welcome email when they join your club, and a renewal success email which will thank them when they renew their membership. There are 6 automated membership emails that are triggered by the system along the membership journey they include:

  • Members (1)Manual Approval Email - Thank your new member for requesting membership, and advise that their application has been received and is currently pending approval and/or payment. 

  • Approval Success - Advise your member that their membership application has been approved, and they are now a member of your club.

  • Sign Up Welcome - Thank your new member for signing up, and welcome them to your club.

  • Renewal Reminder - Advise your members that their membership is approaching expiry, and that it is time to renew. 

  • Removal Advice - Advise your expired member that due to non-renewal they have been removed from your membership list. They are welcome to rejoin at any time but joining fees may apply (depending on your clubs configuration)

All of these automated emails can be personalised by your club to ensure that they provide the information you require to send to your members. You can use dynamic fields which populate the email with the details from the members profile to personalise the message to each member. 

It is always nice to use the dynamic field to input the members first name, so that the email is instantly personalised, and addressed to them. It can also be a good idea to include things like the members username, membership card, invoice and membership number in the welcome email.

Ensure you take a look at your membership automated emails, and customise them to suit you. This will ensure that your members are getting a great, personalised membership experience from your club!

Bulk Membership Emails

Keep your members in the loop using the bulk membership email tool to manually email your member base. You can send member newsletters, event invitations, notifications or quick updates etc.

The recipients of these emails can be filtered by membership level, membership status, or using the advanced search to filter your members in much more detail.

Be sure to use the dynamic fields provided to personalise the email for each member.

Email & SMS Campaign Module

The Email & SMS Campaign module is a way to communicate with groups of members, users or subscribers in your system.

These campaigns can be linked to modules throughout your site, such as:

  • Membership - Send an email or SMS to your members

  • Events - Filter by events to communicate with attendees directly

  • Security - Communicate with users of a current role in your system (eg - committee etc)

  • Directory Listing - Email or SMS the owners of listings in your Business/Members directory

The email and SMS campaign can also be public, so you can collect subscribers from a widget on your website. This enables you to communicate with interested parties (and possibly convert them to members in the future!).

Member Jungle Mobile App

Untitled design (61)The Member Jungle Mobile App is a fantastic engagement tool, and ensures your member can easily access everything they need from your club from their phone or device!

With app usage taking up 90% of all mobile uptime, having a mobile app for your members is an excellent opportunity to stay in your members pockets and the forefront of their minds. 

The Member Jungle App makes communicating simple with the ability to send push notifications to your app users, it also is instantly updated when you update the relevant content on your website.

Via the app, your members have access to:

  • their own digital membership card with your club logo and colours.

  • a unique QR code and barcode

  • their account details - and the ability to update this information

  • membership information and renewal option (if renewal is due)

  • Latest news - which pulls the news articles directly from your latest news module

  • Blog - which works dynamically with the blog module on your website

  • Business Directory - which works dynamically with the directory module to stay updated

  • Photos - displays albums that are included in your photos module

  • Events - dynamically updates with the events listed in your website module. Includes the ability to register or purchase tickets for an event, and see who else is coming!

  • Chat Room - enables club administrators and members to interact with with one another via instant messaging

  • Resource/Document Library - brings all of your clubs important documents from the document module into your members mobile device

The app is an excellent tool to bring your club information to your members fingertips. 

Latest News

The latest news module is designed for you to keep your members updated with everything that is happening in your club. Adding news items is via a simple form so that it is easy to manage and keep updated.

The latest news page dynamically updates with the most recent news article to the top of the page each time a news article is added to the module. There are also many options to add news widgets throughout your website to keep your pages updated and your members engaged with current content.

Administrators can also send push notifications to mobile app users to notify them of the new news articles and updates.


Screenshot - 2022-09-01T113458.999Holding events within your club is a great way to interact with your members, and provide an opportunity for your members to engage with one another. The more engaging your event is, the higher the likelihood that the member will feel satisfied and will attend future events held by your club. 

The Member Jungle events module caters for different types of events by providing various options for administrators during the event set up. The system caters for online events, events where registrations (rsvp’s) are collected, ticketed events, or to simply advertise an event with no action is required from the member.

The Member Jungle events module also allows for member only events, where the event will be displayed to only logged in members. Administrators can give discounts to specific membership levels, which are automatically applied at checkout when purchasing event tickets. These types of membership “perks” are what leaves your members feeling like they are getting value for money with their membership.

The events module will display a dynamic event calendar, which is always updated with the upcoming events listed in the event module. There are also various widgets available to display the upcoming events on other pages on your website. These widgets are popular on the homepage of the website to show visitors that your club is active in offering social and learning opportunities to your members.

Push notifications are able to be sent by administrators from the events module to the mobile app to notify your members of an event being added. Group emailing of registered attendees is also available to keep your audience updated with the current information for the upcoming event.

Chat Room

chat-boxInstant messaging is also available on the Member Jungle mobile app via the Chat Room and is an engagement tool with ever increasing popularity. Members often prefer chat as a means of communication, as they can often get a much swifter response and engage with other like-minded members. 

The chat room also gives members the opportunity to share and discuss matters of interest and to get to know one another.

A member that is active in the chat remains engaged with very little effort on the administrators part, as their fellow members reply, share and interact via instant messaging.

Members Area

MembersA great way to keep your members engaged is to provide valuable and interesting content to keep your members coming back and recognising the value of their membership. This can be done via a “members area” on your website, where only logged in members can access the content. 

Member Jungle makes this possible with the ability to lock down pages to certain membership levels and roles. This ensures that a member is logged in, with a current membership in order to access these pages and resources.

The document library and the events module also offer this functionality in order to give the ability to offer member only access.


The business directory module can also be integrated with your membership process and offer selected membership levels a listing in an online directory. The searchable directory can be viewed on both the website and mobile app and is able to be updated and maintained by the members themselves.

Users can search the directory by category, location and keyword and can view the results which include contact information, details, opening hours, Google map with location and a contact form for each business.

Many clubs choose to link the directory to memberships to give members the ability to maintain their own listing in their membership area and to view statistics on how many views and clicks their listing has had on the site.


There are hundreds of widgets available for administrators to add to website pages which are designed to increase engagement for the users. Many of the widgets available on the Member Jungle system work dynamically with their relevant modules to keep the content updated each time the module is added to.

Members and visitors to your website want to see up to date, current information. To visit a website that is static, dated and never changes can be a frustrating experience, and often loses the interest of a user. Using the Member Jungle dynamic widgets ensures that you only need to update the content in the modules and all pages that you have applied the widgets to will update as well! 

Measuring Member Engagement

Untitled design (67)We all know that member engagement is important. But have you ever wondered how to measure engagement? Or who your most engaged members are? The Member Jungle engagement widget will do all of this for you, so that you can see all of this information at a glance.  To find out more about how Members Jungle helps measure engagement see Measuring Member Engagement.

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