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Hi my name is Leigh from Member Jungle and I'm going to go through and answer all the questions that you're likely to have if you're looking to evaluate if Member Jungle is a good fit for your membership organisation.


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So just what is Member Jungle? 

Mainly it's a membership management platform that allows you to manage all your members and store them in a centralized data place that can be logged in and accessed from anywhere with internet access but what it does is incorporate so much more than that into one platform. So Member Jungle offers a fully integrated website with the ability to add edit and delete unlimited pages and have member only lockdown areas. It has an integrated mobile app that updates all news, events, documents, blogs, business directories and individual membership details on the mobile app instantly when you update them on the website so that means you can actually maintain and communicate with your members in both places only by actually using one system. Also there's a digital membership card available on the app so members can log in and access that, it does have a QR code and a barcode which can be used at a P.O.S. system or also for event attendance scanning. The system also incorporates event management , online store so you can take donations or sell merchandise it also has a course module, CPD module, online poll module and email and SMS communication so all the main things that you need to run your membership organisation are all encapsulated into the one platform You can share access across so people can have different logins and access what they need to access and also members can actually log into their mysite see all their own details, see events they've ever ever registered to attend, update they're all demographic information as well so you get a complete overview of what your members are doing, how your members are interacting with your system - all in that one system.

How can Member Jungle help you on board and engage your members? 

To get your member started really easy all you need to do is have a CSV file so you can derive that from an Excel file - import all your members demographic and membership information and you can then email them straight from the system. They'll automatically have a username which you can send out to them and you'll be able to get them to create their own password and then log in to the mobile app to the website and start engaging with your Club.


Unlike other systems where it's really hard to work out if your members are engaged we also have full engagement tracking so you can actually rate what's important to your Club whether or not it's a revenue, membership duration, how many times they interact with the website or how many events they attend you scale what's important to your club and members then individually get given a rating to see who's the most engaged and the least engaged members. You can export that report and have a look and see so you can actually work out who your ideal Club member is and how you can start to motivate and entice the others to become more engaged in the future as well. 

How do you know if Member Jungle is going to suit your organisation? 

Well look that's what this video is for and that's what we're here to do to help but we also offer a free 30-day trial so you can actually log into the system and set up your membership exactly as your club would want it, download the app even get your committee members to be engaged and test it and run through the whole process just as a member would. You can then evaluate the system, answer any questions, access our support even while you're in trial. And then if you did go ahead and you weren't happy we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee we're sure that Member Jungle is going to work exactly as we say it is.

So how is Member Jungle going to help your Treasurer and for accounting purposes? 

So Member Jungle takes payments through membership, events, course and the online store so all your payments can be in the one system. You can jump in and get a full transaction record for each member so you can see any invoice that's ever been raised as well as you can run and see a full site payments report to know any payments that have been made on the whole system in its entirety, that can be exported and imported into your accounting program if you need to have extra visibility. And also we've got heaps of reporting widgets that you can see - who your members are, what their demographic information is, how much revenue has been taken through your system and what modules or you know what systems (membership, store or course) is actually transacting the most amount of Revenue. As well so you can get a full overview of how your Club is performing from a financial perspective and report that back to committee and to your Treasurer. 

How do you know what system's best for you and what packages are going to cost

Everything's completely transparent in relation to our pricing on our website so you can set up your own system and for the on-boarding price that's available on I recommend you scroll down to the bottom and you'll see a full comparison chart. So we do create packages based on two different things one included member numbers and two functionality so you'll see if you're looking for the store directory and poll you will need to go from our Essentials to our Standard as well as some other features including family memberships and automatic subscriptions. We've got 750 members included in Standard if you're looking the higher end we have also got our premium package which has some more advanced features and functionality and includes up to 5 000 members. So have a look at the pricing page in relation to upfront costs you'll see that each package has a different upfront cost as well for on-boarding, now that's for us to just help guide you through the process if you find that you just want us to look after everything and set it up for you check out and have a look and see all of our available add-ons there. So we're happy to set up your site whether or not that'd be custom designed, an accelerator where we build your website or we import all your members for you. Everything's available on the site, if you'd like to have a formal quote just let us know and we'll email that through to you so you can take that to your board or committee as well.

What support and onboarding is available to you and your committee? 

We offer a number of different support solutions so firstly jump onto and have a look at our support site. There's hundreds of articles there available and you can also raise a support ticket, you are welcome to do that even in trial you'll notice that on the support site there's also information on our free training sessions. We run a free training session every fortnight and a Q&A session as well so if you get a new Committee Member on board or someone just wants to get a refresher course on how to manage events or membership jump on and access that free course, so that's to ensure that you don't end up with a system that nobody in your organisation knows how to use. When your committee changes we also have private training sessions available if you'd like to access them and as I said your ticketed support that you can access there as well.

So if you'd like to find out if Member Jungle is a great fit for your organisation make sure that you access a trial, jump on our site, organise a meeting for us to set up a trial for you and you can start evaluating and seeing just how easy Member Jungle is to use and how it can start to really automate and take the time out of your manual membership processes

Thank you


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