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It did all the base things that we needed to do and provided an opportunity for us to take the money, to do the mail-outs, to do the whole lot and put it all online which saved us an immense amount of work and an immense amount of money. 

What Services Does The Hunter District Hunting Club Provide To Its Members?

We provide safety tests and assessments for people to have a firearms license. We also work with the Department of Primary Industries in the issuance of R licenses for hunting. We provide this facility where people can come and practice and zero rifles and all the other things plus we hold competitions. We are also in the throws of producing navigation courses so people don't get caught in the bush and you have to call out the Channel 3 helicopter to try and find you.

How Were You Managing Your Club Before Member Jungle? 

Well we had a homemade database that was overly, had nothing to do with email, which really didn't exist back in the early days when we fired it up. And we just progressed with that and kept playing with the system, twisting and turning it and tweaking it to a point where we needed to get online, so we approached Member Jungle and Telligence and dealt with it from there, and it's progressed along the way quite nicely for us, and we are pretty happy with the system.

Has Member Jungle Saved Your Club Money?

In terms of the dollar value, it's pretty hard to say, but we went from, like I said, 2500 letters down to 300 and most like every club around the place, there is a legacy group of people. We have members who don't have email addresses; they don't have a computer, and we still get a few. But we knew right from the beginning we started out. we had 900 letters, I think, with the very first round. And it's dropped down and down and down, and it's 300. So we had 2700 members join automatically, renew automatically. Every year. Straight Away. We don't even know that it's happened. So, in Dollar Value, in a way, dollar value is the wrong measure; the right measure is the ease of operation. How hard is it for us to do the things that we have to do. There are still some things that take an enormous amount of time, but that's not your problem though. Reporting requirements and all the other things we have to do, but we are so far in front.

Would You Recommend Member Jungle To Another Hunting Or Shooting Club?

Why not? If it solves the problems. Like everything else, it depends on what your problems are. if you have a large number of members, yes. Yeah, most definitely.

Where To Next? 

If you found this interesting or informative, you will likely find the full case study of interest, too. You can check it out at Hunter District Hunting Club - Customer Story.

If you are wondering whether or not Member Jungle is the right fit for your club, why not stop wondering and just sign up for a free 30-day trial and find out for yourself? 


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