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The admin side of it, the new widgets and the dashboards and the instant business snapshots of the numbers and stats has been an absolute godsend.

Who Is The Australian Hand Therapy Association? 

The Australian Hand Therapy Association is a not-for-profit member-based national peak body for hand therapy in Australia. Our vision is for wider recognition of hand therapy as an advanced practice for occupational therapists and physiotherapists that practice in hand therapy.

Was Learning To Sue The Member Jungle System Hard?

I do find that the website is incredibly user-friendly and I found it a system that I can use easily and again, it has evolved even just putting images into pages and things like that, tables, everything is so much more user-friendly so yes certainly, the events module, the CPD, the member services the website, the news section, the email campaign the integration it was able to provide us with, our events and our finances using Xero and using our payment site is so time saving, it's fast.

How Have You Found Organising Events With The System? 

The Events Module has really helped us to grow and expand our suite of education that we offer to our members and target different audience levels as well as our non-members that haven't joined as yet. so we have grown to now over 30 different courses and workshops events through the events module on the website, and the special interest groups meeting for networking for our members has also increased to 30-40 meetings a year, so having the ability to have our members register directly through the website or through their mobile phones through the app has certainly allowed us to expand that area of the business which is good for the association. 

What’s Been The Standout Feature For You? 

I love the app, in terms I use it to notify of events that are up and coming and to kind of engage members if they are maybe thinking about registering for an event or attending a special interest group meeting. I use the notify app part of the events module quite a lot to just send reminders. Its a way of getting quickly to our members if our numbers are a little down on a course that is coming up. They will ask me to do a blast, and I will just do a couple of blasts and wait; look at that, the numbers shoot up again, and I know that members do appreciate having that notification system probably more than anything, but also that they are able to go in there and quickly check their membership or if you know they have received a renewal reminder they can just pop in and renew straight away so for our members that are on the go, and all the rest of it, it's been an absolute godsend.

Where To Next? 

If you found this interesting or informative, you will likely find the full case study of interest, too. You can check it out at Customer Story - Australian Hand Therapist Association.

If you are wondering whether or not Member Jungle is the right fit for your club, why not stop wondering and just sign up for a free 30-day trial and find out for yourself? 


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