Website Traffic & Storage With Member Jungle Made Simple


The world of computer and internet technology can be a genuinely baffling place. My partner is a video game developer, and I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever understood anything they’ve said about their job. I just smile and nod, like a dog just happy to be involved. 

Website Traffic & Storage With Member Jungle Made Simple


The limits around website traffic, storage and bandwidth can certainly seem like a complicated topic. So, I sat down with the tech team here at Member Jungle to find out more about how all this works, and it turns out that it’s pretty simple. 

So let’s get going with this simple guide to website traffic and storage with Member Jungle. This article is going to cover the following topics:

  • Standard web hosting vs Member Jungle
  • What are the website traffic and storage limits at Member Jungle
  • What happens if you exceed the data limits at Member Jungle

Standard Web Hosting vs Member Jungle

Standard web hosting is a practice used by sites like Wordpress, while Member Jungle uses a practice called SaaS. SaaS stands for Software as a Service, though you don’t really need to know this. The big difference between the two is how they host your website.  

Standard web hosting set your website up with your own server that will host your site. This server will have strict limits on the website traffic and data storage you can use without being charged fees. It works a bit like a pre-paid sim, you are purchasing a set amount of data, and if you go over it, you have to pay more. 

Instead of setting your website up on its own server, Member Jungle hosts your website on our server. Hosting your website on our server means you use our data allowance rather than your own. There are still limits to the data use, but those are our limits, not yours. This works more like a family plan, where your site is the child using just a small percent of the parents' overall data. 

With Member Jungle, you are paying for a service that includes website hosting and everything that comes with it. Other sites provide hosting services that allow you to use a server up to the limits you've paid for. 

What Are The Website Traffic and Storage Limits At Member Jungle

This is one of the most common questions at Member Jungle. Many people are concerned about going over data limits and incurring excess fees. If you are currently using standard web hosting services or have used one in the past, then that makes total sense. You are used to hard limits on the data you can use and consequences if you exceed them. 

Due to the way Member Jungle operates, there are no real hard data limits, instead, we have guidelines on how much data you can use. 

The general guidelines are 50GB of data transit per month and 10GB of total server storage. Our data policy is a fair use policy, where people who use our service can use an amount of data that is deemed reasonable. If you exceed the 50GB per month of data transit or 10GB of server storage, we can charge you excess fees; however, in reality, 99% of customers will never exceed these limits. So, there's no need to be concerned. Additionally, these limits are not absolute and won't cause the website to stop functioning abruptly.

Website Traffic & Storage With Member Jungle Made Simple


What Happens If You Exceed The Website Traffic and Storage Limits at Member Jungle

In situations where these limits are surpassed, we prefer to suggest a higher plan that better accommodates your data usage rather than immediately charging for the overuse. Meaning that we will reach out to you, to talk about the best data option for you. We will not just send you a random invoice. Also, as stated above, your website will not suddenly stop functioning if you exceed the limits. 

Suppose you continue to exceed data limits and are not willing to upgrade to a plan that allows more data usage. We will charge you for the extra usage. However, in all the years of doing this, we have never needed to charge anyone for excess data use. Not a single excess data charge in years and years of hosting clubs' websites. The only real reason we even have the hard guidelines is they serve more as a protective measure in the event of network abuse that requires cost recovery. Basically, you will never have an issue with data allowance in the running of your clubs' website, we just have the rules in place in case someone maliciously tries to abuse the system.

What Else Do You Need To Know About Member Jungle? 

Hopefully, that cleared up a lot of your questions about website and storage data limits with Member Jungle. If you have further questions about all this, please reach out to us at Contact The Team at Member Jungle and we will do whatever we can to help you with all your questions. If you want to know more about how our SaaS-style service helps you and your club, have a look at How Configurable is Member Jungle to suit my Club Needs?


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