What Does "Green Hosting" Even Mean?

By Jeff Pond

In the purest sense, Green Hosting, means your web hosting provider’s cloud environment is strictly powered by clean, renewable energy.  Not by purchasing carbon offsets or any other credits scheme but actual clean, renewable energy.

Why is renewable energy important when it comes to cloud and web hosting?
When you visit a website or scroll through your social media feed you are sending requests to web servers running somewhere inside of a datacenter.  These datacenters require enormous amounts of power to run the servers and air conditioning to keep them cool.  

Just for a little context, we are talking about so much power that if all the data centers in the world were a country they would be ranked as the fifth-largest energy consumer in the world!  That’s a lot of power usage and a lot of carbon pollution as a result.

Does Member Jungle Offer Green Hosting?

Yes, absolutely!  In everything we do, we believe in stepping lightly on our planet.  Being green is in our core, it’s in our DNA, it’s how we were founded and will always operate.  No compromise.

Our sister company, AusTiger Hosting, hosts the Member Jungle system.  AusTiger Hosting offers 100% carbon-neutral web hosting solutions without compromise and always will.  For more information about AusTiger Hosting, please visit our website here:

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