What if I exceed package member limits?


What happens when your member numbers exceed package limits and who is included in the restricted counts?


Each Member Jungle subscription package has a set limit for included members. The only members included in this count are; 

  • Pending Members, 
  • Current Members, 
  • and Expired Members.

Counts also include all primary and secondary members in a group/family membership. 

The Member Jungle system has 5 membership statuses, the other types of members not included in this count are; 

  • Removed and
  • Archived Members.

A common misconception is that the package limit applies to accounts, unlike some other platforms, Member Jungle accounts are not restricted in any package limits. People that may have an account on your Member Jungle site including those who have bought something from the Store, attended an event or are an email subscriber. 

As your club grows your member numbers may exceed your package limit. Should this occur, there are two options;

  1. The first option is to move to a higher package which will also give you extra features and functionality.
  2. The second option if you are happy with your current package is you can opt to pay for your additional members. 

When your member number exceeds your plan limit, we will automatically notify you and update your monthly subscription accordingly.

For full details on features and member limits for each package, including price of additional blocks of members, please click here.


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