What is a Digital Membership Card?


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So what is a digital membership card?

A digital membership card can be a number of things but generally it is some sort of image of a ‘real’ card that resides on your smart device; (on your iPhone on your Android device).

The advantage of having a digital membership card is that you no longer have to carry those physical cards that typically you would carry in your wallet,  in your physical wallet.

Physical cards can cost $2 or $3 each and with postage added on and the time to distribute them, it can be a drain on a club's resources. 

By having a digital membership card it allows you as a club to be able to easily check members into events and as a member that gives you a sense of ownership in your club. A point of pride.


Member Jungle Digital Membership Card

What kind of information can you put on a digital membership card?

By default membership cards should have information about that member (like name, dob, membership level) and give some physical indication of their membership status. Ideally a membership card will have additional features for example like a barcode or a QR code that can be used for scanning or for integration with third-party POS systems, which can supply much more information.

The other great advantage of a digital membership card is that it can be updated in real time. By that I mean you can have new information shown without having to re-issue a card. An update by a membership administrator can appear immediately on a member’s card.

What is a Digital Wallet?

A digital wallet is a secure place to store all of your digital cards on your phone. It has various branded names like Apple Wallet, Google Pay, Google Wallet or Samsung Wallet.  It is a secure location on your phone that can typically be easily accessed. The types of cards that can be stored in your digital wallet vary from credit and debit cards, store cards, boarding passes, event tickets, store loyalty cards and, in Australia, even your COVID-19 vaccine status.

Example of a digital wallet

Is a Digital Membership Card what my club requires?

It will depend on the demographic of your members. In truth, older members may prefer a physical membership card and the ‘prestige’ it may bring. However, with the massive changes to our lives over the last couple of years with COVID-19, people are now much more accustomed to using their mobile phone device for cards, checking in and payments, so maybe it’s time to ask them.

Can I use MemberJungle just for digital membership cards?

Technically you could use Member Jungle for just managing digital membership cards but our membership system it isn’t designed with that functionality in mind. What our system allows you to do is to completely run your club to manage memberships, take online signups and renewals, manage events, sell merchandise and manage communication with your members. Our primary aim for Member Jungle is to be your all-in-one system for managing your club or association. 

So digital membership cards are just a small part of MemberJungle. Yes you can use MemberJungle just for digital membership cards but you’re missing out on so much more.

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