What is Member Jungle?


Member Jungle, an overview video with Leigh Clover

What is Member Jungle?

Leigh Clover gives you a brief overview of what Member Jungle is and how it works.


Mainly it's a membership management platform that allows you to manage all your members and store them in a centralised data place that can be logged in and accessed from anywhere with internet access but what it does is incorporate so much more than that into one platform.

Member Jungle offers a fully integrated website with the ability to add edit and delete unlimited pages and have member only lockdown areas.

It has an integrated mobile app that updates

  • all news,
  • events,
  • documents,
  • blogs,
  • business directories and
  • individual membership details

on the mobile app instantly when you update them on the website so that means you can actually maintain and communicate with your members in both places only by actually using one system.

Also, there's a digital membership card available on the app, so members can log in and access that, it does have a QR code and a bar-code which can be used at a P.O.S. system or also for event attendance scanning.

The system also incorporates event management, online store, so you can take donations or sell merchandise. It also has a course module, CPD module, online poll module and email and SMS communication so all the main things that you need to run your membership organisation are all encapsulated into the one platform.

You can share access across so people can have different logins and access what they need to access and also members can actually log into their MySite see all their own details, see events they've ever ever registered to attend, update they're all demographic information as well so you get a complete overview of what your members are doing, how your members are interacting with your system - all in that one system.


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