What To Do With All Of Your Free Time Once You Onboard With Member Jungle


We at Member Jungle have been helping club admins save time and run their clubs better and more effectively for years. In that time, we have heard one concern repeatedly: “What will we do with all our new free time?”. Often, this concern comes from a committee member who is retired or only working part-time and enjoys that running the club takes up a lot of their free time. 

However, chances are that not all of your committee members feel this way and would actually welcome the time savings. So, for the sake of everyone who really wants those time savings, let's talk about how you can help your club with all that extra free time. 

First, having more free time than you would like is undeniably a good problem. You can use all that extra time to help your club grow and give your members an even better experience.

What you can do with all your extra time after implementing Member Jungle: 

  • Run more events 
  • Start a club newsletter 
  • Start writing blogs
  • Securing club sponsors 
  • Get back to enjoying your club 

Run More Club Events  

Club events are one the single most important aspects of running a successful club. So, if you or a committee member is worried about what they will do with all that extra time post Member Jungle implementation, running more events is a fantastic idea. 

It’s no secret that planning and hosting club events takes up a lot of your precious time. However, once you use the Member Jungle system, you will have access to Member Jungle’s event management module, making planning and running events much easier and less time-consuming. Couple that with all the extra time you’ll have after implementing Member Jungle, and you have the perfect recipe for hosting more and better events. Which in turn will help keep your members satisfied and happy to be a part of your club. 

For more information on how to run the best events with the Member Jungle system, please read How To Run An Event With Member Jungle - A Guide

Start A Club Newsletter 

Another great way to add value to your club with your newly found free time is to start writing a club newsletter. Club newsletters are a fantastic way to communicate better with your members and increase event attendance and member engagement. 

By using newsletters, you can easily keep your members across all upcoming events and activities your club is running and show them exactly what they are getting from their membership. 

The Member Jungle system allows you to create and schedule club newsletters and send them to your members. The Member Jungle system also allows you to track the percentage of your members opening and engaging with your newsletter. This way, you can work out what is and isn’t connecting with your members. 

For more information on how to write a newsletter for your club, you can read ¿¿5 Steps To Write A Club Newsletter Your Members Will Love To Read In 2023

Start A Club Blog

Like newsletters, blogs can be another excellent tool for communicating with your club members. One of the primary uses for blogs is to use them as an educational tool to help teach your members about relevant things to your club. 

A car club may use them to post instructions on the best way to register for historic plates. An embroidery club might use it to post instructions to embroider a particular pattern. Blogs are a super versatile tool that can be adapted to do pretty much anything your club needs. 

To get a better idea of exactly what you can do with a blog, read the following article, The Best Ways To Use Your Blog Module For Things That Aren’t Blogs

Whatever you decide you want to use your blog module for, it will certainly be super helpful to your club and absolutely worth investing some of that newfound time into. 

Secure Your Club Some New Sponsors

Having sponsors for your club can make a huge difference to your club's finances and help you do a lot more for your members. That little bit of extra money flowing into the club can make a world of difference to your club. It can help pay for more events and better quality equipment for members, and it can even help offset the price of systems like Member Jungle. 

As great as getting club sponsors is, it does take some time and effort, and if you’re already up to your eyeballs in club work, it might well take a backseat. However, once you start using Member Jungle and have a lot more free time on your hands, this is the perfect time to start trying to get your club some new sponsors


Not only will using Member Jungle give you the extra time you need to secure club sponsors, but the system will give you a whole host of new ways to help you promote those new sponsors.  

To find out more about how to secure new sponsors, promote them better than ever before and offset the cost of Member Jungle in the process, check out How You Can Use Sponsors To Fund Your Club’s Membership Management Software

Get Back To Enjoying Your Club

Chances are you didn’t get involved in running a club for the love of paperwork, so why not spend some of your newfound free time enjoying your club and getting back to doing what you love? Clubs should be about spending time with people who you like and share a passion with. 



The whole reason we started Member Jungle in the first place was to make club admins' lives easier and let them get back to enjoying their clubs. So, if you go ahead with Member Jungle, why not use some of that newfound free time to help improve your club and get back to truly enjoying it? 

What Else Can You Do To Help Your Club With Your Extra Time? 

Beyond just improving your club with your extra time, you should also start planning for the future to ensure your club is still thriving for many years to come. 

For some tips and tricks to ensuring your club has a bright future, read How To Future Proof Your Club.

Besides that, just get back out there and start enjoying your club again.


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