Why do members need to update the Member Jungle app?

By Beau

Why does Member Jungle update the Member Jungle App?

There are 5 main reasons that we perform app updates.

1. Bug Fixes

We do our best to make the Member Jungle App perfect and thoroughly test the app before each update, but just like your house, bugs always find a way in. With thousands of different devices from dozens of different makes (eg Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and OnePlus) with even more different screen types and sizes (eg iPad, iPhone 4 - iPhone 14 Pro Max, Samsung Fold 4, Galaxy S22 Ultra etc), we can't possibly cover everything.

Every Member Jungle App update will contain fixes for bugs. Some bugs we find after an update, others we find from listening to your feedback.

2. New Features

Everybody loves new features, and we love adding them. From QR Code logins to viewing your club photo galleries to adhoc event registrations. Our latest major update has added a swathe of new features to help you manage your members and to help your members engage with your club.

Got a great idea that you think would benefit Member Jungle? Send in a Feature Suggestion. We regularly  review these to help shape the direction of Member Jungle. Whilst we can't guarantee your idea will come to light, we do our best to cater to all our clubs and organisations.

3. Performance Improvements

Sick of waiting for the app to catch app? We continuously review pinch points and work to improve them to let you get on with managing your members faster.

Our latest update has reduced the average launch time (the time it takes from opening the app to being able to use it) from 5s less than 0.5s.

We have also added many improvements to improve the reliability of network calls, so you can keep up to date whilst out and about, without having to worry about if you have good reception or WiFi.

4. Updated Requirements

From security requirements, to device permissions, to updated App Store or Google Play Store guidelines, we're always keeping the app up to date with industry standards and guidelines. This makes it easier for your members to find and use the app, as well as to make sure your data is always safe and protected.

5. Platform Changes

Every now and then, the tools we use to make the Member Jungle app change or shutdown completely. Sometimes this is a simple process, and others (like the latest major revamp) require significant effort and rewriting. We avoid this where possible, but external factors often force our hand. This is unlikely to happen more than every 5-10 years.


What happens if members don't update?

If your members do not update the app, they will still have most of the functionality they had prior, but occasionally features will stop working as we upgrade our infrastructure to better support the newest versions. 


It is best to encourage your members to update, so that they get all the benefits of new features and improvements, and so that you don't have to support them running into bugs that have been fixed.


How can members update?

Both Apple and Android devices support automatic updates through the App Store or Google Play Store. If this is turned off, they'll need to manually go to the store and update their apps.

Please click the links below on your iPhone or Android device to go directly to the app store to install the update and start enjoying the great new features!


Get it on Google PlayDownload on the App Store


Want to know more about our latest update? Find out more at The New Member Jungle App Is Coming To Your Device!

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