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It’s funny how the norms of technology change; I can distinctly remember, as a kid, recording songs off the radio onto a cassette so I could listen to them on my Walkman on my way to school. Now, I can shop for pretty much anything from an app on my phone while I’m getting food delivered thanks to another app, all while listening to almost any song ever recorded from a third app. 

For any of you wondering, I’m not actually Walkman old; my parents were just late adopters of technology. I was sat on the bus listening to my Walkman next to kids with iPod Nanos. 


Technology Change


One massive way the tech norms have changed in recent years is just how huge online shopping has become. In 2023, 82% of Australian households made an online purchase, Australians spent over $63 billion online shopping, and 18.1% of all retail sales were online. 

All these figures have steadily been increasing over the past few years too. The point is that selling your products online is essential for all clubs and businesses, and it will only get more critical in the years to come. 

To help with this, Member Jungle has just released the ability to sell items from your product catalogue directly from your mobile app. Allowing your members to buy your products directly from the app in their pocket. It even allows you to process in-person sales via the mobile app.   

So, let’s talk about how in-app purchases work, how to set them up and why your club needs them. 

What Are In-App Purchases?

This newest feature allows Member Jungle customers who subscribe to the Standard or Premium packages to add their product catalogue to their integrated Member Jungle app.

The product catalogue works exactly the same as it has always done; you can add and sell items from your website just like normal. Now, however, you can set your products to be available for purchase via the mobile app. 

This allows your members to purchase your products from the app on their phones seamlessly.


Product Catalogue on the Mobile App  


How Members Can Buy From The Member Jungle App

It’s all well and good to say that members can now buy directly from the app, but it means very little if it is an overly complicated process. So, with that in mind, let’s talk about how easily members can buy products from the app. 

Your members can find the product catalogue from their mobile devices in two ways. The first is to click on the menu icon in the top left corner of the app when they first open it. This will bring up the menu where members can select the product catalogue. Or you can turn on the featured products widget (in the Member Jungle App Module), so they can find and see products there.

Either way, once a member makes their way to the product catalogue, they will be able to browse it just like any other online shopping experience. Members can browse all products or sort by any categories you’ve added to your product catalogue. Once members find an item(s) they wish to purchase, they can add it to their cart and checkout or keep shopping. 

Let’s say, for example, a member decides to buy this definitely super cool Walkman that your club is selling. 


Product Store Is Now On The Mobile App


They just need to add it to their cart and checkout. During checkout, they will have to confirm the details of the item(s) they are buying, enter either shipping or pick-up details and finally enter their payment method. 


Product Store Is Now On The Mobile App


That’s it; it works just like any other online shopping experience, except it’s for your club and your members. It can put all your club’s products right into the pockets of your members and make it easier than ever before to promote your club's store. 

This will also allow your members to keep a copy of all their invoices on their phones for future reference; this new orders tab also shows all event and membership invoices too.


how to purchase product via mobile app


How Admins Can Process In-Person Payments Via The Member Jungle App

One standout feature of the in-app purchases is their ability to take payments for physical purchases at your club events. Suppose you’re selling club stickers, badges, jumpers, or anything else at an in-person event. This will allow you to take digital payments easily without resorting to cash or a point-of-sale system. This will make the need for cash obsolete, although it is still an option on the app too, but will allow the system to track stock sold during the event and which members bought what. Allowing for better stock management and better statistics around member engagement. 

The way this works is super simple, but let’s walk through it anyway. 

A member comes up to you at an event and says they would like to buy one of your club hoodies that are being sold at the event. You just need to open the app, find the hoodie in question and add it to the cart. 

how to purchase product via mobile app


This time, however, instead of checking out as yourself, you will need to search for the member who is purchasing the product. This will ensure that the system is able to keep accurate records of how much stock you have and who is buying what.

If the person making the purchase doesn’t have an account, however, you will have the option of creating a guest account right from the mobile app to allow non-members to buy that item. 

If you want to know how to set up a guest account for a non-member from the mobile app, please read this help article: How to purchase items for non-members/users as an admin?

how to purchase product via mobile app


Once you select the correct member, it will then apply that product to that member's cart, and you will be given the option to add more products or checkout. If you cannot find the correct product or you are selling a one-off item, you can create a custom product by clicking the “Add Product” button. 

You will then just need to add the product's name, description and price, and you will be right to check out your member. Doing it this way will still add that transaction to the member's list of purchases, and it will make it easier for you to reconcile what items were sold on the day. 


how to purchase product via mobile app


Once all the items have been added to the cart, you just need to check out like usual. Confirm everything is in the cart, set the shipping method to pick up, and then process the payment. 

The Member Jungle app will allow you to process direct deposits, cash payments and card payments in person at events. All you need to do is enter the member's payment details in question yourself or get the member to do so, and then the process is done. 


how to purchase product via mobile app


Once the payment is processed, you can give the member their items, and the purchases will be recorded in the system. The system will track who made the purchase, what was bought, and the remaining stock quantity. 

That’s the whole process from start to finish, super simple and super time-saving. All You need to do is follow the above steps, and just like Ponyboy, you’ll be golden. 


Steps on how to purchase an item on the mobile app


What’s The Next Step? 

This article has covered how to start using the product catalogue on the mobile app in pretty decent detail. However, if you still have any questions or queries about how this works, please read the following help article, Adding Product Catalogue to the Mobile App

If you are looking for a way to get more members on the app so you can get the most out of its benefits, you should check out 5 Ways To Get More Of Your Members Using The Member Jungle App


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