Your Organisation's Online Store with Member Jungle

By Sami

How Member Jungle Makes Selling Club Merchandise Online Easy

The Member Jungle member management solution for clubs and organisations means there’s no reason your club can’t promote itself and generate some revenue with an online merchandise store and shopping cart.


Automate the Most Challenging Store Management Tasks for your Organisation

If your club is already selling online or doing direct sales, you may have encountered issues with stock control or accountability with your cash-basis bookkeeping for purchases. Member Jungle’s club store software decrements stock levels automatically with each purchase and the store also auto-generates complete records of your organisations’ store purchases, and generates sales reports exportable as a payment report to Xero.

To get things started, here’s a short introduction to Member Jungle’s online store and e-commerce system. To really dig in and master this aspect of the Member Jungle functionality, schedule a demo today.


Online Stores for Clubs and Organisations

Whatever your focus, membership organisations thrive on … membership. Selling merchandise online can help you promote your organisation to your current membership, advertise your club and events, and even build a revenue stream independent of your other association activities.

An online or virtual store allows you to sell club-branded merchandise like shirts, mugs, hats and decals through your website by accepting online payments. Member Jungle allows you to accept online payments with a few clicks.

With your integrated with your Member Jungle store, you can offer special percentage discounts on product categories specifically for your members. You can have a RRP price so when your members are logged in, they will see their own special discounted price.

With your own Member Jungle store, you have complete control over your shop’s management to extend your brand, and it’s free with your Member Jungle subscription — so why not?  


Getting Started with your Club E-Commerce Solution

Since Member Jungle takes care of the domain, hosting, website and all that, you really just need to think about how to set-up your store in your online club and membership  software. Before you get there, you will need some merchandise. If you have items in inventory, you are all set. On the other hand, you may want to investigate CafePress, Redbubble or Zazzle


online store

Set up your Store in Member Jungle

Once you set-up your store module you will need to create your product categories. These can change later but it’s a good idea to be as clear and descriptive as possible so people can find your products online.

From there, you will add your products with a name, brand (if you use branded merchandise), internal product ID as well as stock and unit of measure if you require it.

Another important field to fill in is the long description. This is where you can add a summary about the product you are selling. Your product information can include price, tax, and any discounts to include or exclude. This is also where you add the product image, so it’s a great idea to get some shots of your inventory before you start.

You can edit your product information anytime by accessing the your store module.

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