Motorbike Groups and Car Clubs Member Management Software

If you are looking for an all-in-one tool that will completely automate membership renewals, help you manage your rides, post photos, sell merchandise, chat with your members and help you communicate .... then look no further. Member Jungle has been built with bike and car clubs in mind and we have a wide range of these groups using the system as well as being in partnership with Harley-Davidson to help manage H.O.G. Chapter members across Australia and New Zealand.


Complete Membership Management

Car Clubs Membership Management Software

Easily Manage Your Members

No more excel spreadsheets, printed membership forms and countless hours of membership renewals! Member Jungle will put your members in control so they can sign-up and renew online themselves quickly and easily.  

Whether you want to completely automate the membership renewal process or have a combination of both online and offline, you can allow your committee to easily manage your members online.  You can also access full member lists and approve pending members straight from the app on your phone.

Features include

  • customised online membership forms
  • automated email renewal reminders
  • members can access and update their own accounts
  • invoices automatically generated and emailed to members
  • access payment reports for accounting purposes

Events, Drives and Ride Management

Bike Groups Event management software

Manage Your Events Calendar Online

The events module allows you to easily promote and manage your events calender on your website and on your Member Jungle app. Quickly clone all of your regular events so you don't have to manually add them each time and the system will automatically remove them once the event is over.

 Member Jungle events will help you...

  • manage simple registration only events
  • event ticket sales with member discounts
  • create exclusive member only events
  • send push notifications when an event is changed
  • members can easily register and buy tickets on the app
  • see where everyone is during an event on the app
  • access full event registration lists on the website and app
  • mark and track attendance and more

In Your Members Pockets with a Mobile App

Mobile App for Car and Bike Clubs

Integrated Mobile App 

The Member Jungle mobile app means you can put your members in control and communicate with them directly to their phones. The mobile app updates alongside the website so you only have to maintain one place and lets you send push notifications to your members with special offers, latest news or special events. 

The mobile app features include:

  • members can see and update their own account details
  • simple process to renew online from the app
  • see upcoming conferences and events
  • easily register to attend events and purchase tickets
  • communciate via push notifications
  • access member restricted documents

Group Chat 

Keep your members updated and engaged by posting in the group chat, posting photos during events and allowing members to engage with each other directly. This feature allows you to have whole group chats as well as in small interest groups or membership level groups or just event based chat's so you can all stay up to date on a drive or ride.

Sell Your Group's Merchandise Online

Online Store for Bike and Car Clubs

E-Commerce Functionality

Take the hassle out of managing inventory and club merchandise by adding an online store to your Member Jungle website. You can easily sell online and let your members pick-up at your next event or have their items posted.

The online store can be added to a public page or as a members only feature and features the following functionality;

  • sell items with different sizes and colours
  • setup postage and shipping costs
  • members can access all previous orders
  • give members percentage discounts
  • mark when items are shipped
  • decrement stock levels as items sell
  • use coupon codes for special sale offers
  • and more

Keep Your Members Engaged and Updated

Bike and Car Clubs Member Communication Tools

Easy Member Communication

Communication with your group and members has never been easier, whether it's sending a group chat, posting photos when you are on at an event or emailing about the upcoming AGM.  Member Jungle allows you to communicate with your members however works best for your bike or car club including;

  • send marketing and promotional emails
  • or bulk SMS messages
  • easily adding latest news and events on the website and app
  • sending instant push notifications to their phones or devices
  • or allow members to engage with other members via the new Chat feature

You can choose the best method for your group to keep your members engaged, attending events and renewing their memberships.

Your Own Website

Websites for Car and Bike Clubs with Member Jungle

 A Hosted Website You Can Update and Maintain

Member Jungle also provides a fully functional website which can be branded or custom designed to suit your Car or Bike Branding. You have the ability to easily add, edit and delete unlimited pages as well as promote news, events, newsletters and more on your new Website. The website is also hosted in Australia using green hosting (helping our environment too). 

The website can be easily updated with all of your latest content and also allows members to login to a members portal to see their details or access exclusive discounts or content.  Your Website can feature the following:

  • Latest News
  • Events
  • Online Store
  • Contact or Function Booking Forms
  • Searchable Directories
  • Restricted Resource Library
  • Photo Galleries
  • Members Only Areas
  • and more..

Some Car Clubs and Bike Groups Using Member Jungle

Can Member Jungle Help Your Car or Bike Group?

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