Databases for Car Clubs


This new feature allows you to collect and report on not only your member details, but also all car information as well.  Member Jungle can now offer an all-in-one solution for car clubs, that can save time and reduce the manual processes involved managing car information as well.

Collect all of the information about a car that is required by your state, including images and documentation as well.

Allow members to add multiple cars to their membership application form

Store vital date information including last inspected date and registration expiry date



Customise a set of fields to collect car information


  • Create custom sets of fields to collect your members car information
  • Set limits on the amount of cars a member can add (eg - member products can be capped so that they can only add 5 cars for that membership level)
  • Create a single field collection, or multiple to add to different membership levels as required (eg - you may have a vintage car collection, and a modern car collection)
  • Dictate if a field should be required, if it will be editable, or administrator access only



Easy access for members and admins


  • Add the custom collection to your membership form for your members to maintain
  • Members can viiew, update and add to their car information via their mysite area
  • Administrators can view a members car data in the members form
  • Excellent to store date information (eg - registration or permit expiry etc)


Advanced Search & Reporting of Car Data

  • Export all car data with your members form details to CSV
  • Search the car database in a dedicated reporting area
  • Search and filter all fields to customise your reporting