Make Club Membership Thrive
not just Survive in 2023!

Learn from Tesla Owners Club of Australia and Street Machine Association of South Australia (SMASA) what they are doing to continue achieving growth.

In this webinar you will learn;

  • How Tesla Owners Club got the club off the ground
  • The Impact of Removing Rules
  • Running Webinars and Information Sessions
  • Setting up a Partner and Supplier Community
  • Advocating for your Members

Stop Club Management Feeling Like a Chore
Bring the Fun Back to Your Club

We join a car club because we love our cars and often find ourselves roped into the running of the club instead. This often means we are bogged down by manual paperwork, hundreds of volunteer hours and stress of trying to keep the club afloat.

Come along and learn from our experts and have your questions ready.


Meet Your Panel

In this 45-minute presentation you'll hear from the presidents of two of Australia's largest car clubs and Member Jungles own Membership Expert.

Helping Manage Car Clubs Across the World

Some of the car clubs that trust Member Jungle to simplify managing their car club

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Event : Tuesday 20th of June @ 7.30pm AEST

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