Member Chat Groups and Event Chatrooms

Member Chatrooms on Mobile App

Encourage Member Engagement

Allow your members to communicate in controlled groups or directly with each other via chatrooms.

Create Committee or staff only chat groups to stay in touch easily with your team

Allow open member chat groups so that all of your members can communicate together

Allow members to find and initiate chats directly with other members

Mobile Chatrooms in Your Pockets

Member Jungle Chatrooms are available on the mobile app so you can communicate directly to your members on their devices.

Have the convenience of messaging just one, or all of your members any time and anywhere via the mobile app

Members can create one on one chats, or contribute to an open group chat depending on your settings

Members have the abilty to turn notifications for the chat on and off, and report abuse via the mobile app

Moderators can delete member chat messages, rename and close chat groups via the mobile app 

Create opt-in chatrooms so members can choose which group interests them and come and go as they wish

Opt-In or Special Interest Group Chatrooms
Website Chatrooms Integrated with Mobile App

Chat Online Via the Website

The Member Jungle Chat Groups can be added to a page on your so that members can chat via your website.

Members can chat within their role restricted groups via your website

All members have access to turn their chat notification settings on and off as required

If a member is not following conduct, other members have the ability to report abuse 

Event Chat Rooms

Automatically create chatrooms for people that are registered or paying to attend your events

Instantly create an event chatroom when you add an event to your site

When someone registers to attend, they can instantly see the chatroom and receive notifications.

Chatrooms can be automatically turned off after your event finishes

Members can interact with each other about the event, chat about carpooling, travel arrangements and more.

Member Chatrooms on the Mobile
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