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   RAW Essentials  Standard Premium
Monthly price from $30 from $55 from $135 from $270
Package Inclusions
Number of Members Included
250 members 
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250 members 
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750 members 
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5,000 members 
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Support Contacts  1 1 3 3
Administrators  1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Online Payments          
Support Level Knowledge Base  Standard  Standard  Priority 
SSL Certificate         
Membership Features
Membership Management         
Membership Levels  1 3 5 Unlimited 
Membership Products  Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Online Sign-up & Renewal         
Custom Forms and Emails         
Membership Reporting        
Digital Member Cards  Standard Design Standard Design Standard Design Custom Design
Member Import         
Subscription Membership         
Add on Products         
Custom Branded Emails         
Core Features
Mobile App         
Blogs & Updates         
Your Own Website         
Events Management         
Photo Gallery         
Document/Resource Library         
Online Store         
Video Uploads         
Custom Forms         
Business Directory         
Zapier Integration         
Private Training Sessions        4 hours private training
Account Manager         
Communication Tools
Send Member Emails         
Member Chat    App Only Web & App Web & App
Email Marketing      2,500 emails per month 15,000 emails per month
SMS Marketing      Optional 1000 SMS messages
per month

All fees and charges quoted above are in AUD and include 10% GST
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30 days free relates to monthly subscriptions only, all gateway fees will still be incurred.
RAW Package is only available for Not for Profit Organisations.