Event Certification and CPD Integration

The Events Module can be custom configured by your organisation to include CPD points and have them added automatically to the CPD Log Module, as well as used to generate an Event Attendance Certificate. 


The configuration includes the following functionality.


  • Allocate a number of CPD Points and Hours from selected categories and sub-created (previously created in CPD Log Module) to an event in the Events Module
  • When a member is marked as having attended the above event, the system will automatically add an activity log with the allocated points and hours to the member's CPD Log (in the CPD Log Module).



  • Using a supplied template, upload a branded background for the Event Attendance Certificate into the events' administration area
  • Edit and manage the Certificate content using images, text and dynamic fields (i.e. fields with information relating to the member, CPD credits and event information), so you have the certificate displaying all the information, signatures, logos etc that are required.
  • Access a preview of the Certificate as a pdf
  • Select in the individual event setup if you wish to have an Attendance Certificate generated.
  • Edit and over-write the default Certificate content created above for each event if you need particular details changed on an individual event basis
  • Email Attendees to notify them their certificate is available in their My Events area.



  • Attendees can see the number of CPD points and hours that each event is allocated
  • When members attend the event they can login to their membership portal and can see their Certificate of Attendance in the "My Events" area
  • When members attend an event with CPD points they can also see the allocated CPD points or hours in their CPD log, with the Event Attendance certificate attached as a supporting document.