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Member Jungle has an integrated email module and also the ability to email directly from the membership module so you can easily email your members at anytime. We have already created and saved a few email templates for you, so that you can give your members instructions on how to login to your new site. It will include their new username and help them create a new password.

There is also an email template ready for you to send out and get your members using the mobile app too.

Any searches in the membership area can be exported into a csv file. You also have the ability to filter your member data first on keyword, status, level and a variety of dates before completing the export. Exports can include all fields in the membership sign-up forms. An additional feature that may be of interest is the ability to complete any search and then export all results onto an A4 pdf document, which displays the members mailing address details, ready to overprint. This will allow you to still mail to any members whom you don't have an email address or who you believe will resist the move to being online.

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