Member Jungle Online Payment Processing

Member Jungle allows you to process online payments for membership, events and the online store.  Our payment gateway is powered by the Stripe Connect gateway and is completely PCI compliant, which means that no credit card information is ever stored on your own site and all payment data is secure. 

All online payments within Australia (using domestic cards) are charged at 99 cents and 2.7%, all other transactions are charged at 99 cents and 3.9%. There are no charges for any manual payments processed via your Member Jungle system.

The Member Jungle Gateway features;

  • Easy and free setup
  • No monthly fees
  • Ability to pass on all transaction fees onto the member or purchaser
  • Automated subscription payments
  • Members can save credit cards for future transactions (all encypted and PCI compliant)
  • All transactions are completed within your website, making it easier for users to complete payment.
  • All money is deposited into your account on a weekly basis 
  • Full reconciliation reports available for all transactions

If you are expecting to process a large number of transactions on Member Jungle and want to chat about alternative gateways (transactional service fees apply), transaction or service fees please contact us.