Member Jungle and GDPR

What is GDPR?

GDPR is the acronym used for the European Union General Data Protection Regulation.

Does it apply to my Club?

The GDPR Applies to all organisations who:
  • Offer Goods and Services in the EU
  • Monitor the behaviour of individuals in the EU

If you collect, store or process personal data of EU residents then GDPR applies to you, irrespective of where you yourself might be located.

It is your duty to familiarize yourself with GDPR and make sure your Member Jungle site is GDPR compliant.

We recommend consulting a lawyer/GDPR expert to properly ascertain if GDPR is applicable to you, and if so verify if you are compliant.


GDPR Glossary



Entity that determines the purposes, conditions and means of collecting Personal Data.


Entity that processes Personal Data on behalf of a Controller.

3rd party processor

A sub-processor retained by the Processor to assist with Processing activities.

Personal Data

Any information that relates to an identified or identifiable living person e.g. name, home address, email address, IP address, Identification card.

Data subject

An identifiable person whose personal data is being processed.


Any operation performed on Personal Data, such as collection, recording, organizing, storage, adaptation, retrieval, restriction or destruction.

Member Jungle's GDPR roles

Member Jungle as a Data Controller

When a Club becomes a Member Jungle customer we collect, store and process their personal data in order to allow them to securely access, operate and pay for their accounts.

Member Jungle as a Data Processor

Member Jungle provides a system which is used to help simplify and automate membership tasks for Clubs and their members.  Through our contract with the Clubs we act as a data processor. We collect, store, and process data on their behalf and at their request.

How does Member Jungle Address Data Subjects Rights?

Consent collection

In our role as a Data Controller everyone has to agree to our terms of use in order to use our service. They can opt-out or request to delete their accounts and websites at anytime.
In our role as a Data Processor it is the obligation of the data controller (Member Jungle website owners or Clubs) to ensure that they have collected consent and made clear that personal data is being collected for the purposes served by the Member Jungle system.

Right to access / Right to portability

Our customers can access their personal data at anytime, and we can export it for them upon request.
Member Jungle Clubs can appoint and manage website administrators. These website administrators can access, edit and export their own and member data at anytime. Their members can also access and edit their data after logging onto their Club’s website.

Right to Erasure / Opt-out

Clubs can opt out and cancel their accounts as needed, and we can also delete their accounts upon request.
Website administrators can delete any of their member and contact records.

Notification in the event of a Data Breach

 We will notify Club contacts within 72hrs in the case of a data breach.

Use of 3rd party processors

Member Jungle may make use of third party services for infrastructure support, reporting, analytics, billing and customer service. It is our obligation to ensure that the processing of data on our behalf is also GDPR compliant.

What data does Member Jungle collect and for what purpose?

Details of the data that we collect can be found in our Member Jungle Merchant Agreement
  • See sections: Identity Check and Privacy Policy
Further information about general data collected by Member Jungle is available in our Privacy Policy

Data Processing Addendum

In addition to our Terms Of Use we have created a Data Processing Addendum with the definitions and information on how we process data.

Contact Information

For questions and concerns regarding GDPR compliance please use our Contact Us Page