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We all know that member engagement is important. But have you ever wondered how to measure engagement? Or who your most engaged members are? The Member Jungle engagement widget will do all of this for you, so that you can see all of this information at a glance.

Administrators can set the importance of the various means of engagement for the system to use in measuring the engagement score for each member. A report is generated on the membership dashboard which will enable admin to view the top ranking members and see the full statistics in their member pop-up.


This widget is a great way to see trends in how your members are interacting with your website and what areas you may need to work on to improve the engagement of your members.

The Member Jungle Engagement Widget


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How is Member Engagement measured using the Engagement Widget?

Each club may measure their members engagement differently, placing importance in different areas of the members interactions.

Our Member Engagement widget allows you to set these measurements on a sliding scale to customise the engagement reporting for your club.

What information is collected?

The Engagement Widget will allow you to track which members are most engaged with your site, based on the below categories:

  • App Interactions
  • Catalogue Items Purchased
  • Chat Engagement
  • Courses Completed
  • Events Attended
  • App and Website Logins
  • Membership Duration
  • Total Revenue
  • Total Transactions
  • Website Engagement
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See your most engaged members at a glance

Know who your most engaged members are and view their statistics at a glance!

You can set the amount of days you would like to report on, and even export the results to see full details.

Personalised Member Engagement Reports

Administrators will be able to view a members engagement score and details in the new "Engagement" tab in their members popup. This tab will give a breakdown of the reporting details for that member.

The personalised report can be filtered with the amount of days you would like to report on.

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Engagement Into Practice

A good plan to ensure your member engagement doesn’t fall to the wayside, is to ensure that you are consistently working on adding to your members experience. Regular interaction, whether by personalised means or via the website updates and push notifications, is a simple and effective approach. 

Create yourself calendar tasks as a reminder to add a little something to your website once every week or fortnight. It doesn't need to be a big job, but a small addition like a quick news update with a push notification, can be enough to keep your club in the forefront of your members minds. 

Try to encourage engagement through your members in their online community by creating a new chat thread for your members to interact with one another. This approach can often organically maintain the engagement with little or no administrative effort, as your members continue to contribute to the chat. 

Many clubs make use of the “live date” field, and create 6 or 12 months worth of blogs or news articles at the beginning of the year, then set the live dates at regular intervals throughout the year so that these pages are constantly evolving and content in widgets and the app is always updated. This approach is obviously more labour intensive in the initial stages than the previous example of fortnightly small updates, but it also means that your content is automatically being updated throughout the remainder of the year without any administrator effort.

Member Jungle understands that administrators time is precious, especially for those that are volunteer clubs. We have tried to make these engagement tools as automated and user friendly as possible. 

Your greatest asset is your members. Whether you have a dedicated engagement plan in place, or are just getting started, don’t let your engagement efforts falter, and keep up those important relationships with your members!

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