Advertise your Club Sponsors


Sponsorship is great for business. If done well, sponsorship should be beneficial to both parties and captures a target market.

The new banner module, is designed to be simple to use, and creates widgets for each banner uploaded, to then add to your website, in the page widgets area. The banners contain clickable links through to your sponsors website (if desired), giving the sponsor more website traffic.

Get Club SponsorshipYour sponsorship package is backed by the ability to report the banners performance statistics to your sponsor, in the way of the banners loads, and clicks, so your sponsors can see what they are getting for their money.

Sponsors for your Membership Club

How to get sponsors for your Membership Club

The banner module is beneficial to a wide range of businesses and organisations, and is available on all of our packages. 

If you would like to have the banner module turned on for your site, please raise a support ticket to request this.

For more information or help on using the banner ad module, please view our help article


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