Backing-up Your Member Data for Peace of Mind


Keep Your Membership Data Backed-up & Safe

For many organisations data backup and data management can be a challenge. Version control is another problem area that can be particularly thorny.
As a club or association administrator, secretary or organiser you need to make sure the critical data for your organisation is properly backed-up and archived to prevent data loss.

Archived Club Data Isn’t Optional

The prospect of lost membership records or dues payments raises the spectre of late-night scrambles to assemble this information from various sources: sundry emails, excel spreadsheets, notes, and the like. As if that wasn’t bad enough, clubs are under government scrutiny and so you need to keep your records current and available for compliance purposes — now and in the future.

As the Department of Sports and Recreation of Western Australia notes, “Many organisations use a … database … to maintain and update membership details. If you use this system, don’t forget to back up regularly.”

Cloud-based Member Management to The Rescue

The beauty of cloud-based systems is that they offer always-on, secure backup for your organisation’s data as part of their services. You don’t have to do anything because it just works.

Once you migrate to a platform like Member Jungle’s Organisation management platform, all your membership information — the data you collect and manage in your membership management modules for payments, renewals or new members — and backs it up all the time. Your website data is equally secure because it’s all backed-up in real-time so your website content, photos, videos, event announcements and the like are all hosted and backed-up.

You don’t have to do anything but stop worrying about your data safety.

Accessible, Secure Club Data

Member Jungle gives you 24x7 access to your organisation information from anywhere you can access the Internet. Your data is securely hosted on state-of-the-art, high availability servers with our sister company, Austiger hosting.
Member Jungle makes data backup, security, access, and sharing things you need to worry about so you can focus on administering your association and get on with your club business.


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