Blogging on the run


Communicate with your members while you are out and about, by creating a blog via the Member Jungle Mobile App! 

Blogging has never been easier!


You can create blog articles, upload images, and even notify your members of the new blog article all on your mobile device. 

To create a blog article on your mobile app, you will need to have administrator, and/or a blog contributor role. 

Simply open the blog in your Member Jungle Mobile App, and click on the + icon in the top right of the screen.

You can then give your article a title, select the category, and write your blog article and upload your images. You can also select if other app users will receive a push notification of the new article.

image1 (12)Once you have completed your blog, you can share it via social media, email, sms and other means directly from the article.

If you would like to create blog articles via your mobile app, you will need to raise a support ticket to request that we turn this function on for your site.


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