How Much Are Your Systems Really Costing You?


Do you really know what your current membership system and processes are costing you? Putting your own time aside, look at the physical costs of frantically running memberships with papers flying everywhere, memberships lost and the feeling of chasing your tail .

Like many of our clients who have switched to Member Jungle, they needed change, and what was the catalyst in that change? Calculating how many costs that have built up purchasing programs or implementing new systems thinking “this will make it easier”. For both small and large clubs, these costs can make all the difference

Let’s put into perspective what some of the hidden costs can be of using lots of different providers and an antiquated, tedious membership system can be.


  • Postage Costs

  • Printing Costs

  • Website Hosting Costs

  • Wordpress Subscription Plugin Costs

  • Wordpress Maintenance costs (to keep all of the different plugins working together)

  • Eftpos Machine or Gateway Subscription Costs 

  • Form Builder (like Jotform) Costs

  • Store Costs (Like Woohoo Commerce Plugins)

  • Mailchimp or other Email Provider Subscriptions

  • Website Back-ups

  • Some websites incur a cost everytime you want to make a simple change

  • Mobile App

  • P.O.S. Bank Fees

  • Website and Data Back-ups

  • Document Storage like Google Drive or DropBox

  • Another ticketing solution

  • Survey System Cots

  • Plastic membership cards & postage 

  • Newsletter creation programs 

  • SMS costs 

Sit down, really have a think what combined, these would all be costing your club. 

Some of these costs mightn’t be applicable for your organisation but when you are evaluating an integrated system like Member Jungle, this list will help you consider what can be replaced.

We’re not here to toot our own horn (okay, maybe a little) but once you have considered the out of pocket costs, you can then look at the true value of having all of these tools in-one, which is what Member Jungle can offer. 

Still not convinced? Have a chat with us, book a demo here.

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