How to Use Member Jungle to Promote your Sponsors

By Sami

Let's be real... creating and maintaining a club, organisation or chapter isn’t always financially easy. Sometimes, a little help can go a big way therefore a large amount of clubs source sponsorship from businesses. However, not every business is going to start throwing money at you so you need to understand and prove why a business should want to sponsor your club. How will they benefit from helping your organisation?

With Member Jungle, there are a number of ways your sponsors can benefit. There's a list of things that you need to consider and do to get your sponsors on board, along with a few suggestions from us.


The important things to consider and do when looking for on boarding sponsors are:

  1. Prepare your case

  2. Know what you’re going to ask for

  3. Who are you going to approach?

  4. Researching the companies you plan on approaching

  5. What do you have to offer your sponsors?

  6. Your plan of attack - The sponsorship proposal, the approach, the ask

  7. Closing the deal

  8. Writing the contract

  9. Maintaining the relationship

1. Preparing your Case

Remember the 6 p’s… Proper Preparation and Planning Prevents Poor Performance. In order to obtain sponsorship, planning and preparation are your key to success. This will help your approach to be in a professional and organised manner, ultimately helping your case.

2. Know What You’re Going to Ask For

Ask yourself: What resources do you need? Why do you require sponsorship?

Let the company know who you are and what your plans are. Be honest and upfront with them, letting them know exactly what you need from them and what you can give them in return. Handing over a pamphlet with information about your club and where their money will be going would be a great idea.

Be reasonable and realistic. Don’t ask a small company for a large amount of money as they most likely will say no.

3. Who Are You Going to Approach?

Brainstorming with your committee, then writing down a list of your previous and current sponsors, is a great way to start. If you don't have any sponsors yet, don't stress. Everyone starts somewhere. Follow on with who you would like to attract and highlight all the ones you are interested in talking to. Why are these companies the ones you want to talk to?

4. Researching the Companies

Prepare your approach specifically for each company. Don’t be general as each company is different and will want to know that you’ve researched them. Put in the time and you’ll get more out of it. The more you know about the company, the better. If you understand the goals and business targets of the company, you can tailor your proposal accordingly. You should understand their products and if they are relatable to your club in any way.

Even so, don’t give up on unrelated companies as they may still be interested in working with you for promotion.

5. What Can You Offer The Sponsors?

It’s important to tell the companies exactly what they get in return to sponsoring you. This is where the use of your Member Jungle system comes in handy.

There are many opportunities you can offer your sponsors to come on board with you including things like;

  • Create and use the Business Directory - A business directory is a great way to showcase your sponsors to your members on your Member Jungle website and app. The directory module is used to make a contact directory of business and members. It stores names, contact details, descriptions and images/logos in a directory on your website.
    You can find out more information about the Business Directory here.

  • You can offer free access to events and ability to have a stall

  • Your club could organise events at their venue - using the Member Jungle system, you can easily create events and send push notifications to all your members. 

  • Become a regular customer at their venue and encourage your members to do the same

  • Offer them free membership to the club

  • Once a year, you could send a sponsorship thank you package

  • Co-branding of publicity (use their logo on your promotions - event tickets, posters, t-shirts)

  • A section on your website, including hyperlinks linking your site to theirs.

Below are examples from a couple of Member Jungle websites where they include their sponsorships.

  • The homepage is a good traction area to display advertisements for sponsors. A sponsor section can be created down the middle of the homepage to attract people scrolling through the site. 

  • Creating a new page in your navigation menu called Sponsors is another way to include your sponsors on your site. Some clubs use this, where people can click to see an entire page dedicated to provide information about the sponsors.

  • Using the Business Directory is the best way to advertise your sponsors to your members. The business directory not only includes their name and written information, but it can also show their business location on a map. The business directory can be accessed by all members. A great example of a business directory is the one by Charlestown City Blues.
    Business Directory

You can choose how you want to set up a sponsorship advert on your site. As you can see, some clubs choose to have the advertising on the homepage, others have a separate page and others have both. The more your sponsors are shown, the happier they'll be. One thing you should think is; what would you want if you were in their shoes. 

6. Your Plan of Attack

Now you know who you want your sponsors to be, you can begin drafting your proposal. Your proposal needs to include current figures, what your plans are, how the company will benefit from sponsoring you, how the money will be spent, the marketing plan and your contact details. The good thing about using the Member Jungle system is that you’ll be able to easily access data information about traction on your site and email campaigns. It’s always good to back yourself up with facts.

Organise a meeting with the person you need to speak to. Write down that person’s name and any corresponding information so that you don’t forget.

When it comes to asking the question, it is ideal that you do that face to face, however, these things can be done over the phone, by email and by letter, but they just don’t do as much justice.

7. Closing the Deal

Once they have said yes, send them contract right away, followed up with an invoice after signing. Make sure you receive all the agreed upon payment before you begin your advertising.

Using the Member Jungle system, you can simply send out an email to all your contacts, as well as create a news article about your newly formed bond with your sponsor. Your members will receive notifications on their phone when you create and send an email, news or event. Be sure to include your sponsor in all the networking information so they can keep track on how you're advertising them, and how often.

8. Writing the Contract

A contract may seem scary and too official in some instances but it is really just there to keep all parties involved protected. It is also used to outline what activity will be happening on both sides of the partnership to avoid any confusion. Don’t forget that your sponsorship is a business transaction so it is a valuable part of the transaction.

When printing off a contract, print off two copies of it. A fully signed one for your records and another fully signed contract to your sponsor. It’s always smart to scan it onto your computer for records too. You can never have enough records.

9. Maintaining the Relationship

It is very important that you maintain your relationship with the company as you ultimately want them to continue their sponsorship as a long term thing. Be sure to officially thank them first off for all that they are doing for your club.

Remember to invite them along to all events and keep them up to date with how the money is being spent, along with what improvements have been made for your club. Add them to your email list so they can stay up to date with all the club news. Making them feel important is vital.

Good luck with getting sponsors involved with your club, organisation or chapter. It’s a big step but as long as you prepare properly, you’ll be on top of your game. Member Jungle is here to make all of this easier for you so utilise it as much as you can. 

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