By Sami

We are thrilled to have a new Product Release for November. If you need any more guidance, you can refer to the help website Member Jungle Help Website

product release

The November Member Jungle Product Release will benefit administrators when using their website by introducing some great new features.

This release includes information on:

  • Membership

  • Events

  • Dashboard

  • Security


We have fixed up the mapping generation for membership transfers to avoid duplicate members being created.

Signup forms now accept additional formats for New Zealand phone numbers.

Now, when a renewal reminder is automatically sent out to members, you can add a link for them to click on to simply renew their membership.


Event thumbnails (if available) are now shown alongside the main event listing.


To locate the event thumbnail, go into Modules and locate the ‘Events’ section. All your events will show so find the one you’d like to update and click on ‘Edit’. Under ‘Event Details’ you’ll see a bar of tabs you can click on to edit. Click on ‘Images/Documents’. There you’ll see ‘Thumbnail Image’. Choose your file and click ‘Save’.


A new dashboard widget has been added to view and unlock locked accounts.


To add this widget, go to your Dashboard then click ‘Add Widget’. Locate the heading ‘Security’ and then you’ll find ‘Locked User Accounts’. Click ‘Add Widget’ to view the locked accounts if applicable.


A new message has been added to the forgotten username/password process if the account is inactive. The message will display, telling the member to contact their site administrator to reactivate the previous account rather than create a new one.

We have now included all failed logins to the Detailed Login Report in Security. 

That's All Folks

That's it for now! We hope you are enjoying all of our improvements. We welcome feedback so if you do have anything you'd like to see to help make your experience awesome, then we'd love to hear from you. Otherwise, enjoy using your Member Jungle Software. 


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