Making Your Events Even Easier!



From role restricting your events, to viewing your attendees list, and setting refund policies, the Member Jungle Events Module has had a make over, which every event coordinator will appreciate!





Simpler. Faster. Easier.

Creating an event in the events module just got a whole lot easier, with the simplified event form. You will find that the tabs have been re-ordered, and some fields have been moved into new areas. We took your lead on this one, and moved things around in order of what fields were most commonly used by you. We hope this makes your job of creating events faster and easier. 

event Details

Restrict who can see and RSVP to your events

So you're having a members only event, and you dont want the public to access the details, or be able to purchase tickets?
Now you can restrict your events using the security roles, so that only the members/roles that you apply, can see and rsvp or buy tickets to that event! 
If you have a committee, or staff role in your security, and are holding a staff or committee meeting, you can use this tool to restrict the event to be visible just for these users too! 

This feature was a popular suggestion from you, and here it is!

Event roles



Refund Policy

If you are holding a ticketed event, you will now have a required field, to set your refund policy. This is to ensure you to have one in place, prior to a members ticket purchase, and to protect you should you have to cancel an event for any reason.
We also recommend that you set some terms and conditions on a page on your website that entails your organisations condtitions should your event not go ahead. 


Event Filters

Filters have been added to quickly switch between completed and upcoming events, so that you can find the event you are looking for, faster.

New Event Icons

New icons have been added to the events list page, to identify if an event is ticketed , or registration only  and to indicate a role restricted event , and completed events .

Clicking on the registrations or tickets icons, will display list of all attendees for that event.



As always, our help portal has been updated with this information on these new features, should you require further assistance.


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