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New Zealand Welcomes Member Jungle

By Sami

Kia ora New Zealand! 

Member Jungle has been looking after clubs, organisations and chapters Australia wide with their membership management, and currently are expanding their reach out to Australia’s sister-country New Zealand, where groups from all regions can now use the membership management software. Pretty 'choice' right?


Membership Software Reaches New Zealand

By releasing a number of new Member Jungle sites in New Zealand, we aim to continue growing New Zealand clientele, supplying organisations and clubs with state of the art Member Jungle membership management software - and don't forget about the jungly mobile app too.

The Member Jungle membership management software has been moulded to suit New Zealand administrators and members by including the following features:

  1. Any payment made through the Member Jungle membership management software system will be in NZD currency to keep things simple. 

  2. The addresses are also set to include NZ regions with the store and also within Membership signup.


Intergrated Membership Mobile App & More

There are so many great features administrators can use with their membership management software. You can see how effective the Member Jungle membership management software and mobile app has been to administrators of clubs and organisations by reading our blogs and watching our Client Stories.

We proudly welcome New Zealand administrators to take advantage of the Member Jungle membership management software and start reeling in the benefits. Member Jungle can help you tame the paper jungle and take over the work so you have more time to sit back, kick off your jandals, drink a coffee and enjoy being a part of your club. 


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