Wild Apricot vs Member Jungle - how we compare


A number of our membership clubs say they have evaluated multiple products before coming to Member Jungle. A popular comparison product is a US product called Wild Apricot.  

So what do our customers say about Wild Apricot and how it compares to Member Jungle? Here are a few things that regularly come up:


  • Wild Apricot looks inexpensive until you realise it is priced in US currency.  By the time you go through currency conversion rates (With banks taking their cut on the way) it can get very expensive quickly.  
  • All Member Jungle fees include 10% GST, so you can claim that component back - making Member Jungle another 10% cheaper than Wild Apricot. Financially, make sure your are comparing apples with apples.
  • The fact that transaction fees are  charged is hidden deep in the Wild Apricot  website and credit card fees for online payments are very high compared to Australian payment gateways like that used with Member Jungle.
  • The Member Jungle team is proudly Australian. We employee Australian team members, support local clubs and charities, pay Australian tax and give back to our community.
  • We have (nice) humans, running in Australian business hours, running our support and help systems. We have heard that it takes days to get support from Wild Apricot (they are rebased in United States and are on the opposite timezone to us).
  • Member Jungle websites are based in our country (either Australia or New Zealand) ensuring that your members have quick internet access to your clubs website. Wild Apricot systems are hosted in USA which significantly increased the download times and operational times of the systems.


  • Everything Member Jungle does is carbon neutral. That is our hosting, offices and company vehicles are all run from renewable energy sources. 
  • Wild Apricot is targeted just at membership administrators. Member Jungle is not just for people running the club, it is for the members and is focused on helping you build your Membership Community.
  • Unlike Wild Apricot, with Member Jungle you get an awesome mobile-responsive website that integrates all membership functions seamlessly into the website.
  • Digital Cards! Member Jungle has awesome digital cards!
  • The Member Jungle development team are working constantly to improve the product and are releasing product updates at least once a month. Unlike, Wild Apricot, we actively encourage feature suggestions for our membership system and feed that back to the code warriors. 

So to experience another difference between Member Jungle and Wild Apricot, request a demo today and a real person will contact you and show you lots of Member Jungle goodness. 

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