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Monday 30th July 2018
By Sami

How Member Jungle Makes Selling Club Merchandise Online Easy

The Member Jungle member management solution for clubs and organisations means there’s no reason your club can’t promote itself and generate some revenue with an online merchandise store and shopping cart.


Wednesday 22nd November 2017

We are excited this month to not only have a new Product Release but also to launch a new help website. The new website will continually be updated with the latest functionality and will help you navigate and use your Member Jungle website. Check it out at We value any feedback

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Tuesday 17th October 2017

Today marks 38 years since the first spreadsheet program began and it’s hard to imagine online membership management without Excel or Google Sheet. On World Spreadsheet Day, we celebrate all that the spreadsheet has given membership management, but also celebrate the next evolution - Member Jungle.

On October 17

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