Member Management Software for Licensed Clubs

Member Jungle provides simple, easy to use online software for licensed clubs to help you manage online renewals, event ticketing, email marketing, digital member cards and so much more. It provides you with an integrated solution for licensed clubs membership software and is currently allowing licensed clubs also move from printed cards and instead scan at POS with the Member Jungle mobile app and the member's digital membership card. 


Online Member Database

Online Member Database

Easily store and manage all of your members details in an easy to use online membership system. This means you can access all of the information you need about your members quickly including their website interactions, their contact details, expiry dates, invoices and digital membership cards.

Automated Online Membership Renewals

Stop losing members and reduce postage costs with automated membership renewals. Members can automatically receive emails when their membership is due for renewal and easily renew online. That means you don't need to wait until next time they visit the club to receive payment and members can renew at their convenience. 

You will also be notified of all membership renewals via email and can setup integrations with other external systems.


Membership Management for Licensed Clubs

No More Printed Membership Cards

Digital Membership Cards for Licensed Clubs

Digital Member Cards

It's not long before drivers licenses go online, along with everything else. Printed club membership cards may soon become a thing of the past. Member Jungle dynamically creates each member their own digital member card that can be accessed from the Mobile App quickly and easily.

Featuring your clubs branding as well as their member details this information can be scanned by both QR or barcodes straight from the app. If you are ready to move away from printed cards contact us today to discuss integrations with other systems.

Digital member cards can also be emailed directly to members upon sign-up and renewal, accessed via the administration area as well as downloaded from the website by the member.

Easily Manage Events Online

Sell Event Tickets Online

The events module allows you to easily promote and manage your events calender on your website and on your Member Jungle app. Quickly clone all of your regular events so you don't have to manually add them each time and the system will automatically remove them once the event is over.

You can also sell tickets or allow online registrations for events when required. Ticket purchasers will automatically receive confirmation of their purchases and you can access a database of all registrations. You can access registration lists and mark off attendees from the mobile app.

If you also have sub-club events i.e. Womens Bowling, Sailing, Rowing or Darts you can also create events that can only be seen by your sub-club members.

Licensed Clubs Event Management

In Your Members Pockets with a Mobile App

Mobile App for Licensed Clubs with Events and member cards

Integrated Mobile App 

The Member Jungle mobile app means you can put your members in control and communicate with them directly to their phones. The mobile app updates alongside the website so you only have to maintain one place and lets you send push notifications to your members with special offers, latest news or special events. 

The mobile app features include:

  • Members can see and update their own account details
  • Simple process to renew online from the app
  • See upcoming events and purchase tickets
  • The Club can easily send push notifications

Member Voucher and Rewards

Do you print annual member reward calendars or vouchers to encourage your members to come to the club? Ask us about adding digital vouchers to your club mobile app today!!

Keep Your Members Engaged and Updated

Easy Member Communication

Communicate with your members quickly and easily using Member Jungle via multiple channels.

  • send marketing and promotional emails
  • send bulk SMS messages to members or subscribers
  • easily keep content on the website and app up to date
  • send instant push notifications to members phones or devices
  • plus allow members to engage with other members via the new Chat feature

You can choose the best method for your club to keep our members engaged and coming back

Licensed Clubs Communication and Membership Software

Your Own Club Website

Licensed Clubs Websites

 A Hosted Website You Can Update and Maintain

Member Jungle also provides a fully functional website which can be branded or custom designed to suit your club. With the ability to easily add, edit and delete unlimited pages, have members only areas as well as promote news, events, newsletters and more.  

The website can be easily updated with all of your latest content and also allows members to login into a members portal to see their details or access exclusive discounts or content.  Your Website can feature the following:

  • Latest News
  • Events
  • Online Store
  • Contact or Function Booking Forms
  • Photo Galleries
  • Members Only Areas
  • and more..

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