Online Member or Business Directory

The Membership Directory is a great way that you can allow members to promote themselves or their businesses and encourage engagement between your members.  For more ideas on how you can use the Member Directory click here.

Membership Management Software with Integrated Directory

Encourage Members to Connect with Each Other

Adding a member directory or business directory to your Member Jungle system can be a great way to add value for your members

Create a searchable directory to encourage members to engage with each other. You can also choose to have the directory in a members only area or as a public page.

Members will be able to create a directory listing as part of the sign-up and renewal process

Members can access their own directory listing, edit their details and view statistics on the number of times it has been viewed

Promote your Sponsors or Business Partners

If your members are individuals that don't require a business listing, then use the directory to promote your sponsors or supporting businesses. 

Have the directory appearing on the website and mobile app to encourage members to support those that support your club

Allow your sponsors to edit and manage their own listings, so they can list special offers and have contact forms directly from their listing.

Have Category Searches, Location Searches or Map Based Searches to help your membes find who they are looking for fast.

Sponsors Directory
Member Jungle Business and Sponsors

Have Directory Listings Integrated with Memberships

If getting a listing in your directory is part of your membership offer, you can integrate the listing direectory into the membership process to have it all work together.

Members can signup and create their directory listing as part of the application process.

You, as an administrator can see and approve all membership applications, and see all changes made to the directory too.

Members can update and manage their own directory listing, while their membership remains current.

The expiry process is completely automated, so if a member lets their membership lapse, their directory listing also expires and is removed.

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