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Membership Management Software

Member Jungle is an online membership software system that is designed to make it easy for organisations to manage their members and day to day tasks. It is delivered using tried and tested technology to help make Australian clubs easy to manage, profitable and sustainable for years to come. To add to this, we have our own 100% green hosting division so we can ensure we deliver our customers 99.99% up-time and unparalleled security. Plus, we can deliver you the added peace of mind and say our online systems have NEVER EVER been hacked.

Features of Member Jungle


Membership System

Manage your members quickly and easily with an online membership database that almost manages itself.

Member Directory

A great way to allow your members to promote themselves or encourage engagement between them.

A Club Website

An easy to use website that allows you to add, edit and delete unlimited pages quickly and easily.

Event Management

Promote and sell tickets to your club events quickly and easily all via your administration area.

Online Store

Increase revenue and track stock for your club by adding an online store to your Member Jungle website.

Mobile App

Keep members up to date with Events, News and important updates via your mobile app .




The "HOW TO" Guide For Online Membership Management

A Comprehensive Guide With Everything you Need to Know About Moving Your Members Online

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Guide to Online Membership Management Systems