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We have a range of modules and additional functionality that you can add onto any Member Jungle package. See below for more details.

Online Course Module

The Online Course Module allows you to sell online courses that students can review course content, complete an online quiz and automatically access a PDF certificate if they pass. The module includes the following functionality;

  • Sell courses and accept payment online
  • Manually add students via the administration area 
  • Build an online course with multiple chapters 
  • Create a multiple choice exam and dictate what percentage of correct results achieves a "Pass" Result.
  • The ability for students to reset their own exam results
  • Students can access and download their results on a PDF certificate 

See more on the course module

$0 Upfront

CPD Module and Event Certification

The CPD Module allows you to let your members track and maintain their own Continual Professional Development points. It also integrates with the Events Module so you can automatically add points and a certificate to a members profile when they attend an event

  • Create CPD categories and subcategories that track points or hours
  • Allow members to manage their own records including upload certificates
  • Members can download a CPD report at anytime showing their professional development recorded
  • Automatically push CPD points and an Event Certificate across from the Events Module when a member attends a course or event
  • Access CPD reports in the administration area

See more on the CPD Module

$0 Upfront

Event Certification

We will setup a custom designed Event Certificate so you can send a PDF certificate automatically sent to your attendees when they attend one of your Events. This feature is an add-on to the Event Module that will take away the need for manually printing and posting attendance certificates

  • Customise each certificate to include the required details
  • As you mark attendance a certificate is automatically generated
  • Email certificates to members automatically after the event
  • Members can access and download their certificates via the Mysite area at anytime

See more on Event Certificates

$0 Upfront

Membership Certificates

When a membership card is not enough, we can custom configure a membership certificate on your Member Jungle system. The certificate includes branded background with the option to include dynamic membership fields as well.

  • The certificate can be turned on for just specific membership levels and is available to view as a pdf
  • in the automated membership email
  • as a download option in the members MySite area in the admin area for administrators

    See more on Membership Certificates

$0 Upfront

Custom Datasets

  • Create a re-usable data collection to collect all of the fields of information required for a "car" i.e. Registration Number, Rego Expiry Date, Colour, Year, Make, Model etc
  • Allow you to set limits on each Membership Products of how many cars can be included with that product purchase.
  • Allow members to edit these collections upon signup or renewal
  • Members and Administrators can delete cars from their member records at anytime i.e. when a car is sold.
  • Members can see their own collections on the website and the mobile app
  • Price also includes import of one collection for up to 1500 members.

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